Saving Money On The Food Shop: The Top Tips To Help You Do It

Our food shopping bill can creep up each week without us even realising how. Food shopping can be the biggest cost to our disposable income each month. But it doesn’t have to be. Thankfully what we spend on food is our personal choice. We just need to be more clever on how we approach things. With that in mind, here are some of the ways you can reduce your food shopping bill. 

Meal plan

Planning your meals each week is one of the sure fire ways to reduce your shopping bill. All you need to do is look at what you have in already, decide what you are eating for the week and then buy the ingredients you need. As you only buy what you need, you end up saving money overall. Too many times we can go to the store without a plan and end up buying lots of things we don’t need and worse still end up wasting food because it goes off.

Keep an inventory of what you have in the cupboards

Keeping track of what we have in our freezer, fridge and cupboards means we are less likely to double buy things. Sometimes we can be guilty of heading to a store and wondering if we have a particular item at home. We then may buy it just incase only to have it in. However, storing food and buying great bargains is no good if your freezer or fridge is likely to break down. This is when noting down websites such as can help you out of a tight spot. The last thing you want is to lose all of that food. Having an inventory means you can create things with the ingredients you have before having to buy any extra food you don’t necessarily need. 

Shop in different stores

Another option would be to consider going to different stores to buy products. Some stores will sell certain brands cheaper than others, or may have special offers on like buy one get one free or at a discounted price. This is where you need to shop a little smarter. There are plenty of websites online that can tell you where the best deals are taking place. Our shopping habits have changed over the years and sometimes going back to old processes can help you save money. 

Use coupons and discount codes

Coupons and discount codes can help bring a shopping bill down. However, they are only helpful if you need the product so again be clever with your choices. You can collect them everywhere. Most stores offer magazines that have them inside, but you could also seek them out on online websites. Some people get in touch with the brands they use regularly expressing how much they enjoy the products. Sometimes those brands will send coupons through the mail as a thank you. It is always worth keeping an eye out for things like this. 

Batch cook in advance

Meal planning can help reduce your bill but so can batch cooking. Cooking in bulk means you make more of your ingredients and freeze meals for the future. You can save a lot of money doing things this way and it all it requires is a little advance preparation and time. When saving money, your freezer can become a great tool to use.

Let’s hope this helps you save money on your food shopping bill. 


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