Screen Time – I’m addicted to my phone

Can you remember life before mobile phones?

I remember my mum giving me an emergency £1 coin to carry with me at all times in case I needed to use a phone box; and then around age 14 I got a Nokia 5110 for Christmas and life as we know it changed forever.

Everyone had a mobile phone – text messaging soon became a thing(ne1 rememba txt tlk?) and from those early black and yellow screens technology changed quickly and now we are very much in the smart phone era.

My life in a small device

I’m currently debating whether to change from an iPhone to Android, having been an Apple fan for years it feels like a huge decision.  And then it hit me – mobile phones have become so much more than, well, mobile phones.

I use my trusty iPhone 8(not an ad) to phone people, to message people, as a camera(it takes better photos than my DSLR), to play games, track my steps, periods, events, listen to music, track my food and drink intake, watch TV – and lots, LOTS more.


After struggling with my migraines more recently I’d been reading up on ways to relax and try to reduce my headache frequency and decided to keep a diary to track my habits and see what might be making things worse.

And what do you think takes up most of my day?  Looking at my phone – I can spend 8-10 hours a day looking at it and that’s not right.

Prolonged exposure

Did you know that prolonged exposure to screens can cause dry eyes, eye strain, headaches, sleep disruption and much more?  According to Vizulize  modern life doesn’t allow us to completely avoid screens and devices due to the times in which we live but they do advice that being mindful of the amount of time, rest breaks, regular eye tests and eye drops may help.


As a mum the amount of screen time my son has concerns me – I’ve found apps such as ScreenTime and the built-in iOS features great for controlling our devices – but are we heading for a world where screen time is constant and unavoidable, and what effects will it have on our health?

What can we do?

It’s simple really – schedule some screen-free time!  I’ve started a phone-free 90 minutes before bedtime and I’m trying to monitor the amount of time I’m on my phone and manage it.  It’s not easy – but it’s also quite nice staying away from social media drama and digital life for an hour or so!

**This is a collaborative post**

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