Self-Love Sunday: Getting back on it

Hello.  My name is Lisa.  I’m a food and Prosecco addict.

I’m also ridiculously overweight and living a highly unhealthy lifestyle.

And I am going to change.

So my promises a couple of weeks back came to jack shit.  I’ve continued abusing my body and eating shit and not taking care of myself properly.

I feel fat, ill and my mood is low.  So I am fixing this.

Small steps and all that.  This is my new plan:

  1. Take my thyroid medication.  I’ve been naughty and not been taking it.  I feel rough and as much as I don’t like taking medication I MUST take my Levothyroxine or risk serious repercussions.  So I’ve set a phone reminder and I’m back on the happy-thyroid wagon.
  2. Have a warm Epsom Salt bath every night and lay down for half an hour in the dark afterwards.  This came from a recommendation on Instagram – apparently Epsom Salts help with aches and pains and draw toxins from your body amongst other things, plus it might be nice to lay in a dark room for thirty minutes post-bath, listen to some calming music and chill the fuck out.
  3. Plan hearty, healthy meals and prepare in advance.  Breakfast – Porridge.  Morning Snack – Apple.  Lunch – Ham Sandwich & Cup-A-Soup.  Afternoon Snack – Banana.  Dinner – as planned(meal plan post to follow).
  4. Exercise.  Whatever I can manage.  No pressure.  If I’m too tired; it’s okay.  There is always tomorrow.
  5. Think of one or several positive affirmation and tell myself multiple times a day.  This one will have a post of its own when I write them shortly.
  6. Drink 2 bottles of water a day.  I have a HydrateM8 bottle and need to start drinking more, I’m so dehydrated all the time, my skin looks about 100 and my pee smells vile.  TMI, sorry, not sorry.  Drink more water kids, Auntie Lisa has spoken.
  7. Reduce caffeine.  I’m going to have one coffee a day.  In the morning.  No other caffeine.  It’s bad and makes me hurt more.

I have no idea if this stuff will work, but it’s a move in the right direction.

I will post regular updates on my Twitter and IG, feel free to follow me, send me words of encouragement, bad jokes, the usual.  Trolling and German Pornography is not permitted.


One thought on “Self-Love Sunday: Getting back on it

  1. Sorry to hear that you are feeling rough. It’s so hard to keep looking after yourself. I always find it easier to look after others. I hope your new resolve holds. Good luck.

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