She’s sad, so sad.

Oh look, she’s here!

She has a huge smile on her face,

She’s laughing and joking; she’s fine.

But she’s far from it you see,

Inside she cries.

Inside she’s sad, so sad.

She wants to hide, wants to give up,

She’s lonely, no one understands.

She has a son and a loving husband, amazing friends and family

But she’s sad, so sad.

Someone fat shamed her today.

She laughed, she said it was funny, laughed and pretended it was funny.

But it wasn’t, not at all.

Inside her heart broke a little more

You see her poorly head tells her she’s a mess,

She’s fat, ugly, and not a nice person.

Everyday she dreads seeing herself, she doesn’t want anyone to see her…

She knows what they are thinking,

How can you get so fat?

She’s sad, so sad.

She’s a morning person they say,

She’s happy and full of energy, she’s happy.

But she wants to stay in bed and hide away

Why bother, she asks herself, what’s the point?

Why face another day, why pretend I’m okay?

I’m sad, so sad

On the outside I’m happy, I’m bubbly, I’m confident, I’m okay.

You don’t look depressed, people say.

You seem fine, people say.

But they don’t understand.

You see, my head is poorly

If I broke my leg, you would help me walk

If I cut my arm, you would help stop the bleeding

But what if my head is broken? What help would you offer?

You don’t understand, you don’t help

You assume I’m ok, tell me to keep my chin up

But I’m sad, so sad.

But what if I want to get better?

I want to heal my head, soothe my wounds

I don’t want to be sad, so sad.

Support me, be kind

Think before you speak, be kind

Help me be happy, so happy.





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