Sick As A Dog Of High Vet Bills?

Veterinary care can be one of the biggest costs of being a pet owner. Fortunately, there are tricks that can help you to reduce this cost, whilst getting your pet the treatment it needs. Here are just a few of those tricks.

Try online clinics

Online vet visits are a recent innovation that allows pet owners to talk to qualified veterinarians without visiting a clinic. Whilst often being cheaper, these vet visits can also be less stressful for your pet, as they don’t have to leave the confines of their home. Online vet visits are suited mainly to check-ups and you will still have to visit an in-person clinic for treatment such as surgery or vaccinations.

Look out for pop-up clinics

Pop-up vet clinics do exist and can be another way of saving money. They are often able to do check-ups and routine treatments on the cheap. You won’t be able to get any surgery done at a pop-up clinic, but these clinic could be worthwhile visiting for other visits.

Contact your local veterinary college

Veterinary colleges are always looking for pets to practice treatment on. This could be a way of getting free treatment for your pet. And whilst you will be putting your pet in the hands of unqualified veterinary students, there will still be experienced teachers there to oversee any procedures.

Consider pet insurance

Pet insurance can be worth taking out in some cases. For a small monthly fee, your insurer will pay out the costs of any treatment you seek out. By taking out fixed life pet insurance when your pet is young, you can often get the best deal. Taking out pet insurance on an older pet generally isn’t advised as rates will be a lot higher and you will most likely not make up the costs that you spend on insurance payments. There are plenty of comparison sites that you can use for comparing pet insurance rates.

Help your pet to lead a healthy lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle will reduce the risk of various pet health issues, which in turn will result in less vet visits. There are lots of ways to keep a pet healthy from keeping a well-balanced diet to encouraging exercise to keeping your pet clean and well-groomed. Letting pets become overweight can be one of the main causes of health problems – dogs and cats are susceptible to conditions such as heart disease, arthritis and diabetes as a result of overeating and under-exercising. Fleas and tooth decay are two other common health issues which can be prevented by regularly brushing through your pets fur and brushing their teeth (this is most important for dogs). 


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