Six Reasons To Add Greenery To Your Home

Anyone who is trying to add something beautiful to their home will consider rugs, blankets, cushions, and art, but rarely does nature spring to mind. Of course, nature is something that sits outside the home, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t bring it inside and make it a part of your decor!


You can add as much colour to your home as you like, but it’s different when you add flowers and plants instead of art and paint. If you’re still trying to decide whether you should add greenery to your home, take a look at our six reasons below:

  1. You can really pull a room together when you add greenery. You may not know it, but greenery adds life to a space. You can have the best furniture made by designers who appreciate the curve of a table leg, but it all feels complete when you see indoor bonsai trees for sale. They can enhance each room in the house, and they look great with the right theme. Plants make a room come together in a way you won’t realise until you do it for the first time.
  2. Whether you choose real or fake plants, you can boost your mood exponentially. You are far less likely to feel worried or anxious when you have something beautiful to look at each day. The flowers can lift your mood at the end of a long and rubbish day, and the green plants can give you a spark of light as you pour your morning coffee.
  3. Guests just lap it up. From those who visit when you’re selling a home to those who pop by to have a movie night – flowers make people happy. Plants tell people that they’re at home when they walk through the door, and your guests will feel the same.
  4. You can replace everyday decor with plants and flowers, and you can do it by coordinating what you use. For example, if you have a clean, white-themed room, pops of bright yellow sunflowers will enhance the space. You can even use dried flowers in the dining room to draw the eye and create a perfume in the room. Tall and leafy plants in the corner of the room that stretches right up to the ceiling and make the rooms look huge!
  5. Plants and flowers are perfect additions to the home, no matter the season. You can add pine and holly for Christmas, and you can decorate with pastels and pinks for spring. There’s nothing prettier than flowers in the holidays throughout the year, and you can use the plants and flowers to enhance your holiday seasons year-round.
  6. Creativity is drawn from the beauty of flowers and plants, and if you add flowers to a spot where you mostly work, you can feel that spark of creativity and inspiration hit you. If you want to be motivated, choose the right greenery in your house.


Plants will always give you a reason to smile – that there is reason number seven!


*This is a collaborative post*

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