Moving With The Times: We Have A Smart TV!

My husband is obsessed with televisions.  He will become twitchy, roughly twice a month that our TV is too small and will stalk the local electronics store looking at bigger and better smart TVs.

Small House, Huge TV

We’ve only just replaced our TV but still he is obsessed with bigger and better TVs and won’t stop going on about it.  Me?  I’m happy propped up in bed with my tablet watching boxsets.  Jersey Shore is my favourite at the moment…

Our new TV is a Smart TV and it’s a revelation – how we ever did without one I’ll never know, they are amazing!

Living room goals

We tried having an extra TV in the bedroom but it just sat collecting dust – we’ve entered a new age of devices, you don’t even need a TV anymore – most of the time I just use my phone!

Moving with the times

My favourites

I’m really picky as far as TV programmes go – I love my old favourites such as Soldier Soldier and Monarch of the Glen as well as reality shows like Love Island and I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here!

Robson & Jerome – remember them?

With Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and a vast array of TV player apps I’m spoilt for choice – there are so many shows you can watch for free, it takes longer to pick a show to watch than it does to actually watch it.


YouTube and Wikipedia are two very dangerous places for me – all it takes is one video or article and I’m sucked in for days.  I’ve recently started a second website which focuses on history and abandoned buildings and places and YouTube is a gold mine for historical videos and ‘urban exploration’.  I’m a sucker for a click-bait title, me…

Old stuff is cool, fact


Ru Paul’s Drag Race and Jersey Shore are my life at the moment – I’m spending every evening working my way through them and they are awesome – we recently got rid of a huge amount of DVDs we simply have no need for anymore.  With a Smart TV we can play everything through the TV directly, even use our phones to stream – technology eh!

Who Needs The Cinema?

We love a family movie night – popcorn, drinks, comfy clothes – who needs to go out?

I’m sure this Smart TV does a lot more too, I’ve just not discovered it yet!

**This is a collaborative post**



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