Snow on the way? The Beast from the East returns

**This is a collaborative post**

Christmas is now three weeks away and I remember a few years back we had a turn of bad weather a couple of weeks before – in Kent(South East of the UK) we tend to not get a lot of snow and cold weather and we had decent blanket of snow which was really unusual for the time of year.

The newspapers and weather forecasts are suggesting this may happen again – so we are getting ourselves snow prepared!  Last year we had a 2-3 period of snow and sub zero temperatures that saw trains cancelled, roads blocked and closed and bedlam everywhere – us Brits are so unprepared for the snow, you only have to do a quick search of UK snow memes to find out why…

Other countries do indeed have lots more snow than we do and they continue to function; however we don’t have snow chain, shovels, snow ploughs and so on as standard as we don’t get very much at all.

The main issue we had last year during the infamous ‘Beast from the East’ was our boiler – it was a known fault that the cold weather was wrecking havoc with central heating systems by freezing the outside pipe resulting in no heating.  This year I’ve wised up and arranged a service, I’d suggest the same for all central heating boilers just in case.

The car is an issue sort of – if it’s too cold the poor old thing refuses to start anyways but if it snows I won’t even attempt to drive anywhere.  My dad has always been one of those survivalist types, he bought me a car first aid kit for my 18th birthday so he’s always telling me to make sure I have a blanket, shovel, food and basic supplies in the back of the car just in case.  Plus to make sure I have enough fuel as I’m terrible for existing on mere petrol fumes.

And then there’s the fun stuff – we have warm clothes and a sledge we bough last year which was amazing fun, and we are lucky enough to live near to a green that has an AWESOME hill for sledging down.

I’d like to say it’ll never happen but we’ve been caught out with heavy snow before; stuck at home with no milk(I know) and no central heating, hence why I want to be more prepared this year!

**This is a collaborative post**


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