#MySkinAndMe: Solving my skin problems

My skin(especially the skin on my face) has been problematic since my teens – I developed cystic acne aged 17 and it didn’t disappear until after I had my son age 29.

Until recently I’d not really looked after my skin that well – I’d fallen into bad habits of not taking my make up off and not moisturising daily.  Or weekly…

Six months ago I popped into my local well-known high street chemist and had a chat with a lady on the beauty counter.  She was brutal – my skin was red and dry where I wasn’t moisturising; I was spotty because I wasn’t cleansing my face or taking my make up off.

I walked away slightly mortified but with a better idea of what I needed to do.

Cold cream

The first thing I invested in from her advise was a pot of Ponds Cold Cream, which costs around £4 for a jar in most chemists or online.  During the forties and fifties every woman had a pot of Ponds, to remove make-up, grime and to cleanse and moisturise their skin.  The formula has changed over the years(I’m sure it contained paraffin at one point) but the promise is still the same – it’s oily and you rub the cream into your skin, and then rinse it off with warm water.  It’s amazing how it breaks down even the most stubborn make-up and grot.  It does feel quite greasy but doesn’t dry quite quickly.  I did go a little spotty the first couple of times I used it but it’s fine now.

Day moisturiser with SPF

My skin, mainly my cheeks was red and awful, apparently due to being very dry and so I was recommended a day-time moisturiser which contains SPF15 and a night-time one to repair and moisturise over night.  The results after a few days were amazing – the redness had died down and my skin was so much better.

Mineral make-up

I have been left with a lot of white bumps and scars from my acne; so I tend to wear foundation every day, even if just a light covering to smooth out and even up my complexion.  I’d gone back to liquid foundation but wasn’t liking it – it looked really unnatural and the coverage was too heavy for me.  On a couple of peoples suggestions I tried BareMinerals – and it’s been the best make-up I’ve bought in years.  It’s a mineral powder that you puff into your skin and it gives a really even and natural coverage.  You can build it up if you need a heavier coverage.

Still lots to learn!

I’m still learning about skincare, I don’t think I’ll ever be amazing at it – exfoliation is something I still don’t do and I think I would benefit from seeking a professional opinion and getting a skincare routine in place.  With so many products to choose from luxury brands such as The Ordinary, Skinesis and those found in department stores to high street brands such as Johnsons and Simple; it’s difficult knowing what products are best.


Most brands offer samples; usually if you pop into the store and ask or online; even in magazines – you can try before you buy and see what is best for you.

Do you have a set skincare routine?  Is there something else I should be doing?  Get in touch!

**This is a collaborative post**

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