Space Saving Tips For A Small Kids Bedroom

Your child’s bedroom is a very important space in the house because they need their own area where they can relax and express themselves, particularly as they start to get older. It can be tough decorating the kid’s bedrooms because they change their tastes every 5 minutes and what they liked last week might be completely boring or childish this week, so you’ll probably find that you decorate quite often. Their needs also change a lot and as they get older, they’ll need a place to do their schoolwork or hang out with their friends which is fine if they’ve got a nice big room. But a lot of parents simply can’t afford to buy a house with lots of massive rooms which means you might be working with limited space in your kid’s bedroom.

You want to make sure that they’ve got a good space that gives them everything that they need and that can be tough in a small or oddly shaped room. Tough, but not impossible. There are plenty of tricks you can use to maximise the space that you do have and create an amazing bedroom for them. Here are some of the best ways to decorate a small kids bedroom.

Get The Right Bed

The bed is going to take up the most space in the room so it’s important that you pick a practical one. When they’re younger and you’ve got a few kids sharing one room, bunk beds are your best bet. If you put two beds in one room, you won’t have any space left for anything else and they won’t be able to play in there. If you want to maximise on floor space, you should always go for childrens sized beds. That might seem obvious but you’ve got to remember that you’ll have to replace it when they get bigger so if you’ve got the space it is sometimes better to just buy adult beds in the first place.

As the kids get older and they need a space to study, you could consider getting a bunk that has a desk underneath, as long as they’re in their own room. It’s a great space saver because you essentially get two pieces of furniture in the same area that you would normally put one. Putting a separate desk and bed in may take up too much room.

Alternatively, you can look for a bed that has storage underneath. Good storage is always important in a small room. If they’ve got drawers under the bed where they can keep toys when they aren’t using them, they’ll have a lot more floor space for playing.

TV Lifts

Your child is going to want a TV in their room as they get older and it’s up to you whether you allow that or not. If you are going to allow that, you have to consider space. If you’ve got a big TV cabinet like you would in the lounge, you’re taking up valuable space. But you can get around that by installing TV Lift Mechanisms instead. You can have the TV hidden away somewhere and it will come out at the touch of a button. That way, you get the best of both worlds, they can have a TV in their room but it isn’t going to take up all of the space. If you have control of the remote for the mechanism, you can also control when they are and aren’t allowed to watch TV which is a big bonus.

Multi-Purpose Furniture

You’re very limited with the amount of furniture that you can put in the room, so it’s important that you find pieces that are multi-functional. Kids clothes don’t need a full length wardrobe to hang in, so go for half wardrobe, half drawers instead. That way, you get both in the space that is taken up by a wardrobe, rather than having separate wardrobe and drawers taking up most of the floor space. When you’re choosing a desk, you could try to find a smaller table that doubles up as a desk and a bedside table with a small chair next to it. They can use it for doing homework or coloring and it will also serve as a good bedside table.

Use The Height Of The Room

If the room is lacking on floor space but it’s got quite tall ceilings, you should try to make use of that. By drawing the eye upwards, you’ll make the room feel a lot larger than it is. You can put some colourful lights on the walls near the ceiling or add a wallpaper banner to draw the attention.

When they get a little bit older and they’re a bit taller, you could think about using some of that vertical space for storage as well. Putting some higher shelves up will give them extra room for books and toys etc without eating up any of that valuable floor space.

Choose The Right Colour Scheme

Picking the right colours is essential when you’re decorating a small room. Anything too dark will just soak up a lot of light and make the room feel very small and claustrophobic. Instead, you need to go for lighter pastel shades that will open the space up a bit and make it feel larger. You should also try to stick to a few basic colours because if you’re using too many different colours and heavy patterns, it will be overcrowded and that can make the room feel cramped as well. If you do want to inject a bit of colour into the room, you should try to stick to one wall if possible and then use light shades on the other walls to balance it out.

Be Careful With Wallpaper

Patterned wallpaper is great for a kids room because they can have their favourite animals or cartoon characters on there, but it’s risky in a small bedroom. If the pattern is too loud and colourful, you’ll have the same issue that you do with painting, it will make the room feel more cramped. Wallpaper borders are a better choice because they still allow your child to put their stamp on the room but it will still feel nice and spacious.

Just because you can’t afford a massive house, that doesn’t mean you can’t create an amazing bedroom for your kids, you just need to follow these simple rules.

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