Spring hairstyles for the busy mum

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It’s nearly Easter and at last here in the UK Spring is starting to make an appearance – and my Winter trick of covering up my hair with a hat is no longer possible.

I’ve had a look at recent celebrity trends and spoken with a few blogger friends and come up with a few hairstyles that are fresh for the Spring and easy for the busy mum:

1. Plaits

Plaits are always in fashion – from a full french plait to basic pigtail plaits, they are so quick and easy and so versatile – my go-to hairstyle is to divide my hair into two, run two french plaits and either pin them on top of my head or at the back.

2. Waves

My hair is naturally thick and quite straight and so can look really messy down unless I do something with it – I either plait it wet at night time and wake up to bouncy waves or run a curling tong through, backcomb it a bit and off I go.

3. Braids

One of my closest friends has beautiful Caribbean hair and always tells me of the latest styles and fashions such as weaves, wigs and crochet hair.  Divatress sell thousands of hair care products and wigs and have an amazing selection with something for everyone.

4. Scrape it back

Is there anything quicker than a simple scraped-back pony, or even a messy bun?  These never go out of fashion – and the bigger the bun, the better!

What are you go-to hairstyles?  Comment below!




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