Sprucing up the garden

It’s nearly Summer(do we even have those anymore in England?) and it’s time for our annual sprucing up of the garden.

Our house is small but we are really lucky to be end of terrace and so our garden is a decent size – over the years we have changed and tweaked the design to suit our ever-changing needs, especially when the mancub arrived four years ago.

The first year(pre-parenthood_ we had a chiminea, a gas barbecue, rose bushes and lovingly tended flower beds.


The second year I was far too pregnant to tend to anything, and so it became a wilderness… and the third year knowing how little time and energy we had for gardening we decided to turf most of the garden.

My dream garden – does it come with a gardener?

Since then it’s been taken over by a slide, swing, wendy house and toy cars…

This year we’ve decided to remove another bush and make the garden even more child-friendly – plus we have the dog now, so we want plenty of room for them both to run around as well as it being pet-friendly.

We do have a patio area with concrete slabs which I love but isn’t great with a clumsy three-year-old who regularly falls off the step and hurts himself.

We’ve looked at a few options:

  • turf the whole garden – it means more mowing but it is easy to look after, looks nice and means the boy can run around.  It does however mean more space for the dog to claim as her toilet…
  • woodchip the beds – terrible idea – we did this a few years back and became the neighbourhood cat-toilet.  Yuk.
  • use foam play mats – you can pick them  up relatively cheap but they do have to be picked up and put away, so not a permanent soloution.
  • fake grass – I love the look of fake grass; plus it needs little maintenance and you can choose a series of colours.
  • decking – again, I love decking but we don’t own our house and although we are planning on sticking around for a while yet it wouldn’t be sensible to spend such a chunk of money on something we don’t own.

Our landlord is great – he has two rules; the first being do what you like but don’t knock any walls down and the second being not to remove the cherry tree in the garden.  The cherry tree flowers for such a short time every year but is so beautiful.

Being an end of terrace we are also responsible for three fences surrounding our garden that are now in mis-matching colours since we’ve lost the odd one to high winds over the years.  I’d love to paint the fences a lovely minty green, and the shed to match – my husband isn’t so keen…

Do you have a yearly spruce-up?  Please share your tips and tricks!


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