Staying On The Healthy Living Train Is Simple’

When we wish to live healthier lives, we may take a grand set of actions in order to achieve that. We may throw out all of the junk food in our refrigerator, purchase a gym subscription, pick up some new activewear, and plan our new, healthy diet. But as most of us recognize, it’s very easy for those harmful food items to slowly make their way back into our cupboards, and for us to miss the odd gym membership, and for sitting on the sofa in the evening to be preferable to running on a treadmill.

But staying on the healthy living train is simple, and sometimes, we may be overthinking it. Do we really need to slide back into our old habits and continually make confident healthy living efforts that only last a few weeks or months? Or can we actually make systemic healthy changes to our lives provided we do so in the right contexts? Do we need an iron will to pull this off, or some secret formula?


We believe that this habit of overthinking things can actually lead us to forget what’s most important when living healthily. To that end, we’d love to dispel some false narratives and offer some constructive guidance here:


Adopt New Habits Little By Little


Do you climb a staircase with one intensive, bounding leap? Or do you use each step to get you a little further. We know that the distance one step on a staircase gives us means almost nothing in terms of elevation, perhaps 7 to 11 inches for the most part. But it’s not that one step that brings us to our destination. One step allows us to easily traverse the next step, and so on and so forth. Within ten seconds of climbing, we’ve made progress we can look back on and appreciate. Why can’t we take this idea and apply it to our health habits?


You may not be able to quit smoking, stop drinking, stop eating junk food, only eat healthily, drink two veg smoothies a day, and supplement perfectly simply because you’ve told yourself ‘now is the day I perfect everything.’ But maybe you can choose not to drink this weekend, instead opting for a night in with the family. That’s a win. Then, perhaps this can become the norm. Then, maybe you can half your cigarette consumption (which should be a priority), to three quarters your daily amount, then half, then a quarter, then gum and patches may help you. Before you know it you’ve quit. We do not build a wall with one block, but with minor bricks. Keep that mindset and you’ll be on your way.


It’s Not All Discipline & Hardship


When we start a new healthy living spree, we can sometimes feel a little tired just thinking about the responsibilities we have to accomplish. We have to attend the gym, never treat ourselves, and only make the best choices from here on out, right? Well, that’s some of the truth but not all of it.


Healthy living is not all discipline and hardship. In fact, it’s self-care and careful maintenance. For instance, we wouldn’t expect an elderly woman to run a 5k three times a week, but walking four times a week with her dog for a decent distance could be a great way of keeping her in shape and her blood running around her system. You put forth the effort that is most suitable to you. Additionally, certain practices such as CBD skincare product usage shows that you’re caring for yourself, your skin and your standards in a worthwhile manner, and that also falls under the self-care, living umbrella.


In fact, a regular great night of sleep can even be better for your health, body and mind maintenance that intense exercise, because it helps you restore, repair and replenish your physical and cognitive functions. Going to sleep is hardly taxing if you get it right. With this in mind, you’ll jump on the healthy living train with confidence.


Develop Practical Habits


Habits that assist you, not bring you down, are important. It’s the little things that help. Perhaps focusing on r/MealPrepSunday can help you create a range of easily-microwavable healthy meals for lunch at the office instead of relying on relatively unhealthy Uber Eats meals. It sounds cliche, but taking the stairs instead of the elevator for two or three floors can really help stretch your legs, and it serves as a small workout. Who knows how easily you could revolutionize your life with ten of these little decisions to aid you?


With this advice, we hope you can stay on the healthy living train as well as possible, because it’s more than simple.


*this is a collaborative post*

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