Stress… you son of a bitch

I am mega fucking stressed at the moment.  I am moaning continuously about constant headaches which I’ve tried to pin on dehydration and lack of sugar but there’s no denying I am in a constant flap and my teeth are so clenched they are nigh-on surgically fused together.

I had a routine appointment with my GP today to discuss the usual things and was expecting a fat-bashing and ‘have you tried Slimming World?’ conversation.

Damn, how wrong was I.

My blood pressure is high and I had a bit of a talking to about minimising stress and not getting so stressed out it triggers a fibro-flare and depressive episode.  I’m off anti depressants and I really want to try and avoid them if I can.

Life is stressful and I thought I was coping okay to be honest.  When I really thought about it I am in a near constant flap about money.  At work I am getting so worked up my chest goes tight and at home my teeth are clenched all the time.

Yet again I was offered pills which she reassured me were not anti depressants but would help ease the tension; I’ve agreed but I’m not sure.

I’m trying so hard to stay off medication and in order to do so I need to try and sort my shit out.

This is the part where I should write some tips but I’ve not worked that bit out yet. 

Sleep, good eating, exercise… what else can I do?

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