Summer holidays week 3: I’m skint

We have so far survived three weeks of the summer holidays, we are half way – huzzah.  So far we have found our new favourite messy play group, had the chickenpox that didn’t turn out to be the chickenpox, fallen down the stairs and mummy has grown considerably fatter.


This week the weather is cooler so I’d planned to do a couple of days out this week and next before spending the last week on the Isle of Wight with my mum-in-law.

My purse, however, has other plans – due to a change in bank accounts I’ve budgeted terribly(if at all) and we are skint.  To add to this my debit card was cloned yesterday – so I can only get money out by physically going into the bank, which is in the town centre and, well, bloody awkward.

Not that there’s any money in there to take out, to be honest…

So I found myself rummaging through the shed and loft at stupid o’clock this morning trying to find things I can sell – and that got me thinking about ways to make money and take cheap(or even better – free) days out.

Ways to make money

  • old phones.  I was lucky enough to win an iPhone last year and I’d kept my old phones ‘just in case’.  I managed to sell my iPhone 6 to CEX for a pretty penny and I’ve decided to sell my broken iPhone 5 too – apparently people will buy broken phones, so we’ve made a few quid just by doing that.
  • boot fair.  It’s the summer and most Sundays there will always be a field near by holding a boot fair.  Find anything and everything that needs to go, load up the car, take change and a pasting table and off you go.  We made £150 – one mans trash is another mans treasure and all that…
  • freelance work.  If you love writing then why not look into freelance writing?  It’s a convenient way to work around the kids and it takes a bit of time to earn from but is well worth a look.
  • sell onlineFacebook MarketPlace and eBay are two ways to sell stuff – be prepared that you may encounter time wasters but bear with it and you’ll earn some money in no time.

Cheap & free days out

  • the local park.  Pack up a picnic, take a football and spend a few hours outside.
  • look out for local charities that have open days or farms.  For a donation you can spend a few hours out, we have local places like an animal sanctuary and heritage farm.
  • annual memberships.  Annual memberships can be expensive initially but pick a local attraction such as a farm or castle that you love and you will normally have broken even after a few visits.
  • the seaside.  Not strictly cheap due to petrol or travel but pack a picnic and head to the seaside.  Everyone loves the seaside, it’s always a happy place to go.
  • visit friends and relatives.  Near or far, go and visit friends or family – take a cake.  Or wine…

I’ve made £210 from selling bits and bobs, which is enough to take us out for a few days out and our Isle of Wight trip – what are your top tips for making some extra pennies?



**This is a collaborative post.**


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