Sunshine Blogger Award

I love stuff like this.  The Sunshine Blogger Award is simples; you answer ten questions and ask three bloggers ten questions.

I was nominated by the lovely Anna from Me, Annie Bee, my blogger-sister from another mister and she’s asked some interesting questions…

1.  If you could visit any point in history for just an hour where, when and why?

I would visit London in the 40s, definately somewhere during wartime.  I have always been fascinated by that era.

2.  What film does everyone else love that you think is totally overrated?

American Beauty.  I just didn’t get it, at all.  So an old man fancies a young woman and that’s not weird at all?

3.  If you were a cocktail what would your ingredients be and what would you be called?

I would be Vodka, Cherry Liquor, Prosecco(dur) and a little soda water.  I would call myself “Zero Fucks Given”.

4.  What five items are always in your handbag?

Nappies, baby wipes, purse, lip balm and packet of tissues.  Mumsy much…

5.  If you had to lose one sense, which one would you choose?

Smell.  So I wouldn’t have to smell the guffs that are regularly emitted from my husbands arse.

6.  Have you ever broken the law? Details required unless a court case is pending.

Never.  I’m a good girl.  Swear diggy-down that’s the truth and all.

7.  How do you de-stress?

A steaming hot bath and a good book, every time.

8.  If you could only eat one meal and drink one drink for all eternity without negative repercussion what would they be?

Pizza and Prosecco.  Without a doubt.

9.  If you could choose a week away with your partner/children to ANYWHERE IN THE WHOLE WORLD or a week away solo to the place of your dreams, which would you choose? (and where’s the place of your dreams?)

Okay so a week with my hubs and mancub would be Tenerife.  Not far I know but I’d love a family week in the sun.  if it was me on my own I’d go to India, and see as much of it as possible.  Follow the tea trail that sort of thing.

10.  Tell me three things that make YOU wonderful.

I’m honest, always, unless honesty will be hurtful of course; I’m a loyal friend and I’m a good cook.  Totally blowing my own trumpet there but I love cooking.

So – three noms from me are:

Kaboodle Mum

Wee Ohana

First Time Valley Mam

And your questions are:

  1. How did you come up with your blog name?
  2. Name your top three films
  3. If you won the lottery what would you do with he money?
  4. Tell us an embarrassing story
  5. Heels or flats?
  6. Do you have any piercings or tattoos?
  7. What is your favourite book?
  8. Who is your girl crush?
  9. Do you have any blog goals for the next month/year?
  10. Do you collect anything?

I look forward to reading your posts – tag three more people, ask ten questions and spread more sunny love!


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