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The shops are full of health food and supplements these days – as much as we try to eat a balanced diet it’s tricky to get a little bit of everything we need.

I’m a huge fan of supplements – I take Vitamin D3 every day, as my levels are low and it makes me feel really poorly.

I was sent some supplements from Care to try out – they are a brand that I’ve seen in chemists, online and high street shops – they sell all sorts of things like Calamine lotion and general first aid bits and pieces.

Care Collagen Beauty Formula

This pack of 90 capsules contain Zinc, Vitamin C and B vitamins for maintenance of hair, skin and nails.  They don’t really have a smell or taste and cost £23.95 from

Care Advanced Immune Support

Containing 30 capsules each containing beta-glucans 1, 3/1, 6, elderberry, vitamin D3, A & C; and odour controlled garlic to help and support your immune system.  I did find these capsules smelt strongly of garlic despite being odourless; and the garlic taste did take an hour or so to go away.  These are priced at £9.95 and are available here.

Care Collagen Joint Formula

This pot contains 60 capsules containing vitamin C and D3 plus zinc, copper and manganese to support cartilage and joint health.  These were relatively tasteless and would be my preferred product due to the supplements I like to take.  These currently cost £11.29 and are available here.

It’s too early to tell if they are making a difference – I’ll update in a couple of months!


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