The Best Mum Award – #EndTheLabels

I’m so excited to be able to run a competition on my blog, it has amazing prizes and is something I’m really passionate about.

To enter all you need to do is be a working mum.  There is no catch – just enter below and be in the running to win some awesome prizes.

I am sorry to any stay at home mums reading this – I’m guessing you feel disappointed, rejected and alienated.  And rightfully so – you can’t enter because you stay at home – your life is hard too so why are you excluded?

Unfortunately across social media this is all too common; the sisterhood in which we all exist has been divided by having to be labelled in everything we do as mothers.

That’s why it’s time to end the labels.

I read a lot of blogs every day and I come across some amazing articles and brilliant writing about all sorts of things.

I love reading different parenting methods and concepts and I believe having an open mind makes me a better parent and person and more open to change and new techniques.

Now this is where it gets a little tricky and possible offensive to some so please bear with me and read to the end before lynching me; I’m not bashing anyone in the slightest.  Well I am but not in the way it seems.

I can’t stand most breastfeeding posts.  There – I said it.

I hate how they divide opinions, makes mums feel guilty and alienate people.  I have no issues with breastfeeding; it’s beautiful and natural and I would have happily carried on if I could and I have no problem with anyone feeding in front of me or in public.  But I have friends who chose to formula feed and did not want to breast feed and I never batted an eyelid at any choices they made, as a mum it’s your choice to do what’s best for you and your baby.

As a mum who couldn’t breastfeed and suffered post natal depression articles that bash people who couldn’t/didn’t breastfeed are upsetting and damaging; I cried many a tear after reading articles that said how bad formula feeding is, how selfish it is and even one told me how I had damaged my child and condemned him to a life of health issues and obesity because I ‘couldn’t be bothered’ to breastfeed.

I hate that posts and articles shared across social media seem to be there to provoke debates and reactions and I don’t really understand why – we are all trying to do the very best by our children right?

Same as the mum-occupation debate – does it matter whether you are a stay at home mum, a working mum, or a bit of both?  I am a bit of both and experience both ends of the scale.

On a work day I feel sad that I’ve left my baby yet guilty that I enjoy work and pleased that I earn some money for us.  I also spend most of the day stressing about the ever-growing pile of washing and how I somehow need to cook when I get home and also go food shopping while entertaining a two year old who is pleased to see me and will be likely glued to my hip.

On a home day I feel trapped; I feel it falls to me to do the chores, keep the fridge stocked and because I’m at home all day I effectively have a day off.  When really I am counting down the hours to wine time and cursing my husband because he doesn’t understand the frustration of trying to be a domestic goddess while raising a toddler.

When I’m at home I wish I was at work.  When I’m at work I wish I was at home.  Both days are equally as hard.

But why do we insist on labelling everything? Either you work or you stay at home; you breastfeed or bottle-feed; you spoon feed or do baby led weaning.  The list is endless.

I have said this many times before and I’ll say it again – being a mum is fucking hard and it doesn’t need to be made any harder.  At the end of the day we have all become mothers and daily life is hard enough without other people telling you what you are doing is wrong.  Or right for that matter – who’s business is it anyway.

It’s time to end the labels; embrace the sisterhood and stop the hate.

Love your fellow mummies – regardless of what we believe, do or anything else we are all in the same boat and fighting our own battles.

Join in across social media – use the hashtag #EndTheLabels and together we can help stop mum-bashing.

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