The latest innovation in sailing, Reverso Air is a high performance foldable dinghy

Reverso Air is new must-have small sailboat for travellers

Imagine having a high-performance, foldable sailboat that can fit in the trunk of your car, garage, or tender. It sounds like a dream, but luckily, this future sailboat is here today. ReversoAir is the latest innovation in sailing, offering the perfect solution for those who love sailing but do not have a fixed place to store their boat or those on the go.

Foldable and portable, this small sailboat is ready to use in just 180 seconds. Completely dismountable, Reverso Air can fold up into one square metre, eliminating the need for storage space or expensive berthing. Measuring 3.40 metres in length, don’t let its size fool you; Reverso Air was designed and built with exceptional performance, transportability and speed in mind. Able to carry up to two adults or one adult and two children, Reverso Air is ideal for learning how to sail on the go.

Stemming from the shared dream to create a beautiful, transportable sailboat, Reverso Air is exceptionally lightweight and durable. Ideal for travellers or sailors on the go, Reverso Air was designed to streamline the logistics connected to sailing, reducing time spent in preparation for sailing while offering a smooth and enjoyable sailing experience. Unlike other foldable sailboats on the market, Reverso Air can easily be disassembled entirely without any tools in a matter of minutes, solving many transport and storage issues. Rigging a sailboat is no longer a complex mission, where sailors have to adapt to using less ergonomic equipment or a team of people. The dedicated design team at Reverso put the sailor back at the centre of the design and rethought every step of the assembly process to ensure a faster, smoother and more enjoyable experience assembling, sailing and disassembling Reverso Air.

Even when disassembled, the Reverso Air is ready to use faster than any other dingy or sailboat on the market, making it the perfect choice for travellers. Made from innovative materials inspired by aviation, Reverso Air features a full carbon mast, a state of the art membrane sail and a premium glass/carbon infusion hull. Offering superb floatability, each hull section floats independently and features a closed, watertight, double-bottomed box filled with air.

The aerodynamic design of Reverso Air ensures you are able to reach high speeds with less effort and more flow, offering the most enjoyable sailing experience. The larger, flatter design of Reverso Air with the lightweight sandwich hull also gives the sailor more control while sailing faster. Accelerations are straightforward, and the driving experience of Reverso Air is so easy and fun that it is sure to put a smile on your face. The lightweight aspect of Reverso Air’s design is important because it makes the handling, launching, and sailing easier, faster and much more enjoyable and because it makes it so much easier to transport it with you.

Feel free to go on a day trip, a weekend trip or longer with your foldable sailboat in the trunk of your car. Discover all the sailing possibilities while travelling with Reverso Air today.

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