The Lazy Mum Winter Beauty Tips

Some days I’m a complete lazy bitch and today is one of those days.

I’m tired, everything hurts, no spoons and all that, and we need some food shopping.

I thought I’d do my usual ‘walk to the shop and walk further if we feel like it’ but I do not feel like it.  I want to be warm and fester in my small central heated house with my mancub.

I have longish hair, and it’s mega thick. I’m also a little baldy in places due to thyroid and menopause shitness, but for the most part I have a lot of hair.

(I’m talking about on my head by the way  and not the full body PCOS hairfest as per my previous post)

I used to be super obsessive about washing my hair, showering every day, lovingly nourishing it with shampoos and conditioners and masks and oil and all sorts.

And then I had a baby and there was no longer such a thing as a quiet shower.

Every moment is spent looking after and getting to know this new little human you have been given and have no idea how to look after,  personal hygiene takes a back seat.

Nowadays I do love a bath.  When the hubbo puts the mancub to bed I love having a lounge in a blistering hot bath and nine times out of ten I fall asleep in there.  Lush.

I try and wash my hair every other day, where possible.  I say where possible as it’s winter and The Lazy Mum’s Winter Hairstyle is possible.

Intrigued? Prepare to be mind blown.

This morning we needed to go to the supermarket, it’s a twenty minute walk, and hubbo has the car.

Once I’d got the mancub ready and wrapped up so warm he no longer the hubsds at the waist, I caught a glance of myself in the mirror.

Shit.  I look dog rough.

My left eyebrow had worn off(its half drawn on, I’m missing half because of a scar), I was still wearing yesterdays make up(what a skank) and my hair was on its third day and looked like I had bathed in chip fat.


So, behold – my Lazy Mum Winter Hairstyle and beauty regime:

1. Attack face with a baby wipe. The brat has pulled one from the pack, it’s hit and miss as to whether it’s been used or not, but it looks(and smells) clean.  Scrub yesterday’s make up from face.
2. Wash fringe.  Wet fringe in sink and then use hand wash to give it a quick freshen up. Dry fringe on hand towel.  Comb.

3. Draw on eyebrow. Hair is cut so as to hide dodgy brow. Colour in the other one. Voila – you have brows.

4. Scrape rest of hair into Croydon Facelift style high pony tail. Secure with a band.  If you require any hair product, wet it and smooth it down.

5. Put hat on. Arrange fringe so looks effortlessly freshly washed and make sure no greasy hair escapes.  There you go – you are ready to go.  Feel free to apply some powder to face if you can be arsed.

Told you you would be mind blown.  I’m well aware this will change the world forever.


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  1. Baby wipes are a must whatever your children’s ages Thanks for linking to the #THAT FRIDAY LINKY come back next week please

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