The little man turns three

Today the boy turns 3.

On the fourth of November 2014 after a long induction, failed labour and eventual emergency Caesarean we welcomed the mancub into our life.

What have I learnt after three years as a mum and parent?

Well firstly every child is bloody different and no two days are the same.

Children fill our lives with love and joy; and they fill their nappies with shit.

Poo becomes a daily topic and acceptable to discuss over dinner.

You become obsessed with how much food and drink passes their lips, in fact anything that passes in and out becomes an obsession.

Milestones. You wait ages for those first few steps and once it happens you realise how unsuitable your house is.

Same goes for first words – once they start talking they don’t stop.

Sleep deprivation. It never gets easier, the coffee just gets stronger.

Soft play.  Just a hellhole in a draughty warehouse.

Pissing in peace. More luxurious than tea at The Ritz.  Rarer than the woolly mammoth.

But jokes aside, these little people are a little piece of us and they steal our hearts.  Parenting may get harder the older they get but your love grows stronger.

Happy third birthday little one, mummy loves you more than you will ever know.


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