The Many Ways Jets Enhance Our Lives

It is hard now to imagine a world without jets. And when we do, we can start to think about the ways that they have enhanced our lives. From that special flight aboard Concorde to enjoying an aerial display at a flying event, to having our goods delivered ever faster. Private jets have made flying more convenient, faster, and added greater luxury to the experience.

Flying Made Faster and Easier

Following the invention of the jet engine, flying has taken off in more of a commercial way. Passengers can now enjoy flights with both commercial airlines and charter private jets. Flying has not only become quicker due to supersonic speeds, Concorde in its day reaching speeds of 1,354 mph, but also because of private jets being able to fly in airspace above the commercial airliners, avoided other air traffic and bad weather. With private jets, customers can have faster check-ins at their own terminal. They can purchase a jet card which allows them to fly on demand, paying as they fly, and taking advantage of the luxury, security, and convenience, of chartering a private jet.

Aerial Displays Teams

One of the most famous aerial display teams in the world, that never fails to entertain at special events, is The Red Arrows.Nine Hawk jets all painted in red produce the most daring and spectacular displays for audiences around the globe. The tail smoke that they produce provides a uniqueness to their display, as does how close they fly to each other. After flying 1,292 times in their Folland Gnats, the Red Arrows replaced it in 1979 with the BAE Hawk.

If you have the skills and bravery and are lucky enough to be invited to join the Red Arrows as a pilot, you can only hold this privileged position for three years. Every three years,three pilots are replaced for the season. Pilots then move positions within the team, apart from the leader, who is known as “Red 1”. The French equivalent to the Red Arrows is the Patrouille Acrobatique de France (PAF), who are another aerobatic demonstration team specialising in precision flying.

Goods Delivery

In the days when goods were shipped only by sea across waters, people would have to wait much longer for their parcels. But then, that was before internet shopping. So, I am not sure that we could now do without such a service. It can offer buyers a cheaper way of obtaining the unusual and more common items, despite the added postage costs. Retailers are now competing worldwide for their business. The possibility of flight has increased international trade for everyone.

Helping the commercial airlines with the huge number of good transported each year, cargo planes can also be privately chartered. It seems that there is nothing that these companies cannot transport these days. As technology advices, private planes can transport ever bulkier and more unusual loads. Good that need to be taken special care of, such as temperature-controlled goods. Items that would previously only have been considered as suitable for transporting by sea.

In terms of supersonic flight, travellers wanting ever-reduced flying times will be pleased to know that the replacement for Concorde is called Overture, and will be capable of flying for a range of 5,180 miles, and at a speed twice that of sound. Boom Supersonic obtained funding of 79 million (100 million dollars) for the next stage of the project. However, for those interested in how supersonic air travel began, and the history of Concorde, there is an article that you can read.

But now returning to the present, it is clear to see, even on a cloudy day, how jets, many of them now privately owned and chartered, have advanced and enhanced our lives.


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