The next home project: the boy’s room

We have lived in our house for five years now and it’s looking tatty; it’s painted head to toe in magnolia(yuk) apart from the kitchen which I painted white and grey last year.

The living room was the next big decision – the downstairs of our house is open plan effectively from the kitchen upstairs to the bathroom; a huge job and I’ll be honest I’m still not sure on what to go for.

The other room to do?  The boy’s room – he’s currently sleeping in a mis-matched room that was painted four years ago in a very neutral terracotta colour; which has been fine but he is four this year and it seems right to make it into a proper little person’s bedroom.


His ideas

Obviously it’s his room so it made sense to ask him what he would like in there – to which he replied cars… he is vehicle mad – so I thought about being artsy and creating a mural or something.  But how long will he like cars for?  What if six months down the line we need to change it?

His other big love at the moment is dinosaurs, he loves learning the names of them and learning about them – maybe that would be a better idea in the long run?

To paper or not to paper

Bless my husband he is not DIY-savvy; between the two of us we approach any home projects armed with all the gear and no idea.  Well all my dad’s gear, to be fair.

Our house is painted and is also rented – I’d love to paper but a) I’ve never done it and b) picking paper is a NIGHTMARE.  I’ve trawled my local shops and the internet and found loads; I love the vintagey-style ones such as this one from Wilko.

The mural of the story

I reckon if I put my mind to it I could draw and paint a mural for the boy’s room but…. big but…. it takes time and our house is so small we don’t have the space to take longer than a day doing it so I’ve been researching mural wallpapers and stick-ons, like these dinosaur ones from Wallsauce.

What colour?

Colour wise we think we have decided on a light pastel green; it will look off white and should suit any bedding or decoration; especially any bedding that’s not ‘on-theme’.  Like Paw Patrol, the current cartoon phase we are in.

I mean the first time I asked him what he would like on the walls he said that I should paint all the characters including Tracker and Everest.  Errr….

Bits and bobs

My favourite part of decorating any room is picking out the little bits that make it awesome such as lampshades, lamps and other little bits.  I found this beaut in John Lewis – it’s super cool and would grow up with him.

So, all go for dinosaurs?

On the day we decided to go and buy the paint and bits the boy decided dinosaurs are scary… back to the drawing board.

And I still won’t be drawing the cast of Paw Patrol on the wall, FYI…








**This is a collaborative post**

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