The Non Traditional Way Of Visiting The USA

By traditional, we mean the places that you might go, and the experiences that you might have. You will generally find that when people plan a trip to the USA, then plan to do places like New York, or Florida, do the typical American things you would usually do when you get there. But you have to think about how big this country is, and the things it has to offer whilst you’re there. As much as we love the traditional places of the US that people love to go, we think the underrated ones need a bit of speaking about too! So, have a read of the destinations we have below for you, and see if they’ll appeal to you for your next trip to the USA!

North Carolina

North Carolina is actually rarely ever on the radar for people heading to the US, but there’s no reason why it shouldn’t be. It’s a beautiful state with so much to offer. It has some stunning scenery that can’t be missed, and hotels that will wait on you hand and foot. You can get a hotel in Lake Norman, North Carolina that will put you in a beautiful location. There’s a lovely zoo there, and you can visit the Lake Norman state park where you can do a number of activities to pass the day. We really do think the best part about North Carolina is the connection you can have with nature. There’s so many different nature parks and trails for you to explore. When you’re done, the food here is just as good as any other state, with Biscuit head being a firm favourite amongst travellers. You’ll actually find that the state is not so expensive to visit either. It’s all about the experiences you can have with nature, rather than the price you have to pay.


Utah is a Western US state this is surrounded by some of the more popular areas that people seem to visit. We think it is that reasons that Utah is sometimes overlooked. But, if you do head there, you will have a wonderful experience. Like with North Carolina, it’s such a beautiful country to explore the scenery in. There’s more national parks than you can wish for, and you’ll generally find that the things to do there are centered around that. We also think it is that that makes it so relaxing to visit the state. If you’re looking for things to do away from nature, there is the Alpine Coaster park where you can get your thrills.


Kansas is all about the country lifestyle. It’s surrounded by fields of wheat, and everywhere just has that western country feel to it. There’s a famous Sedgwick county zoo that is definitely worth a visit, as well as Strataca. The later being a mine museum that takes you underground to explore what it was once like. The hospitality is just so amazing in Kansas, and the food is just to die for. You should definitely make a stop at the Cozy Inn for some great food.

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