The Power of Positive Thinking

**This is a collaborative post**

If you’re not down on yourself every once in a while, you’re either a saint or a liar. Everyone criticises their abilities or thinks their efforts aren’t good enough. Maybe you struggle with mental health or positive body image. No matter what your struggles are, you’re not alone.

We have all spent years cultivating an attitude of positivity only for it to blow up in our faces when someone makes us mad or something goes wrong. We start thinking we could have done something to prevent it or make it better.

But the truth is, there are certain things outside of our control, and what’s done is done. So let’s focus on moving on, and discuss how positive thinking can get us out of the rut now, and forever.

There’s nothing wrong with the way you are. There’s only one you in this whole world. You’re the best at it, so keep on keepin’ on. The important thing to remember is that thinking positively can change your whole day.

Being happy is sometimes a feeling, but most of all, a choice. Choose to be happy every morning when you get out of bed, and start your day off right. You’ll set yourself up for success, and in light of failure, you’ll shrug it off and try again.

Here’s the kicker: you can change your DNA. The way you’re wired has to do with the personality you inherited from your parents, but a lot of it comes from external sources and how you internalise those events.

You can’t control how other people behave, but you can control the way you react to it or think about it. If you and everyone in your path on a daily basis is the recipient of your positive thinking, you can actually redirect the neuropathways in your brain and teach them to learn these new behaviours.

You’ll soon find that you’re automatically thinking more positively on a daily basis without having to think about it. It won’t be forced, it’ll just happen, and these changes in your DNA will get passed to your children. You can effectively change your family’s history with love and positivity.

One thing that can jump start feeling good is being comfortable in your Cotton On clothing. So be kind to yourself and others. There’s more power in it than you know.


**This is a collaborative post**

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