The Reve..yawn

Hubby loves films, our tastes differ hugely, he will watch anything and loves anything fantasy, hobbity, historical, or mildly pornographic.  Even better, all combined(think Game of Thrones).

Me on the other hand love musicals, romantic films, disaster movies, gangster movies, quite varied but I know what I like and I LIKE IT.

I’m more of a book person than a film person but sometimes its nice to rest my recently chopped-up hands(carpal tunnel release 5 weeks ago) and just vegetate on the sofa and lose myself in a good film.

For example, this week we watched ‘Legend’, with Tom Hardy(makes me feel all unnecessary phwoar) playing the Kray twins. Cracking film, thoroughly enjoyed it.

Last night we watched ‘The Revenant’, which has rave reviews and will always be known as the one where Leo FINALLY got his oscar.  I’ll admit as soon as I saw Tom Hardy was in it it was a winner for me.


The acting was great, the scenery was great, it was well scripted, and the story had great promise.

But it was sooooo sloooooooow. I gave up about three quarters of the way through. 

Tom Hardy playing a half-scalped hillbilly squashed any nice dreams I may have had from his previous films, still makes me want to be a little bit sick in my mouth.

Leo, was very good, but he did spend half the film grunting and groaning.  It got a little bit too much for me and by the time he rode his horse off a cliff, gutted it and climbed inside it, I was done.  If there was a slightly hysterical dumbfounded and disbelieving emoji, it would be right here.

Very gory too, so much gore and guts and carcasses and offal.  Was like a very bad american Bushtucker Trial that just never ends.

Leo, stop grunting, and Tom, you ruined the dream.


One thought on “The Reve..yawn

  1. Yeah a lot of people have a problem with the pacing. I think it’s definitely about 30 minutes too long, still enjoyed it quite a bit though.

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