The Tricks (Some) Experienced Parents Use To Make Living With Kids Easier

Being a parent isn’t always easy. Just ask anyone who’s done it. Unlike a job where you have a defined role and stick with it, parenting takes you on adventures you never knew imagined. Human beings, including those of your creation, have a habit of continually surprising you – and not always in a good way. 

What you want is a list of hacks that will help you deal with the most common issues with being a parent. The following isn’t intended to be a miraculous (or exhaustive) list that will help you out of every sticky situation you find yourself in as a parent, but it will make certain aspects of your life a lot easier. 

Pin Kids Cups To The Fridge Door With Magnets

Kids have a habit of raiding cupboards and annihilating the contents. The problem is even worse for china and glass cups, which get broken almost as a matter of routine. 

Pinning kids cups to the fridge door using magnets, though, helps get around this little problem for two reasons. First, you’re pinning plastic cups that will never break, no matter how much abuse they get from your kids. And second, you’re putting them in a convenient place that will mean that it’s not worth raiding the cupboard. What kids want is right there to hand – no clean up required. 

Put Liquid Soap Into Nozzled Dispensers

Kids don’t always have a clear concept in their minds about how much of a particular bathroom product, like soap, that they should use. This knowledge comes with experience. Unfortunately, you don’t always want to wait for them to work out by themselves that they shouldn’t use an entire bottle of soap in a single trip to the bathroom. 

Savvy moms have a remedy for this little problem: use rubber bands around the pump nozzle. This little innovation limits the amount of soap that comes out with each press of the bottle, helping you conserve your supplies. 

Start Using 3-In-1 Prams

3 in 1 prams for babies have been around for a while, but it’s only recently that their actual benefits are becoming known. 3 in 1 prams provide you with exceptional versatility compared to their regular counterparts, helping to improve your quality of life. Managing babies and children is more comfortable, the more options you have. 

Put Stickers Inside Your Kids Shoes

Getting your kids to put their shoes on the right feet in the morning can be difficult. Some smart moms, therefore, now put stickers on the inside of their kids’ shoes near the inside or outside wall to let them know which foot goes in which shoe. You and your child, for instance, could develop a system where the stickers have to both be on the inside for the shoes to be on the right foot. 

Reuse Your Pizza Boxes As Canvases

If you’re like most families, you like to order the odd takeout pizza. But there’s no need to let the box go to waste: that’s a valuable piece of cardboard. Reuse it as an art canvas for your kids. 

**This is a collaborative post**


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