Things Are Looking Up: 7 Ceiling Upgrades To Totally Transform Your Home

When redecorating a home, the ceiling can sometimes get overlooked. However, ceilings can have a big impact on the feel of a room. Below are just 7 ceiling upgrades that can totally transform your home. 

Choose a new colour

Ceilings are traditionally white. White is a pretty safe colour because it can make a home brighter and bigger. However, there may be cases where it’s worth playing around with other colours. For example:

  • Light blue creates the feeling of a blue sky and can have a happy airy feel to it.
  • Dark blue can create a night sky feel and can be effective in a bedroom
  • Yellow can bring a burst of energy to a room and could be worth incorporating into a dining room or kitchen
  • Brown can make a room feel smaller and cosier (although can make a room darker)

Switch up light fittings

Overhead light fittings can have a big impact on the vibe of a room. Consider adding a new lampshade or change the entire light fitting altogether. A chandelier could help to give a room an opulent feel. A low hanging pendant light could offer a more intimate glow. Track or rail lighting could meanwhile help to brighten up the entire room by pointing multiple lights in different directions.

Install new lighting fixtures

If a room feels gloomy and only has a single central overhead light, consider whether it may be worth wiring in completely new fixtures. Recessed lighting could be ideal for lighting up corners of rooms and alcoves. You could even get creative with lighting wrapped around beams. If you’re wiring in new lights, it’s probably a good idea to use a professional electrical service such as Darren Spencer Electrical. This will ensure that you lighting is safely installed. 

Consider installing skylights

A skylight is a window in the ceiling. For ceilings situated directly below the roof, skylights can be an effective way of letting in more natural light. They are popular in kitchens, which typically don’t have a lot of windows to let light in. A skylight in a loft bedroom could also be a nice touch, allowing you to watch the stars from your bed.

Add character with wooden beams

Exposed wooden beams will immediately draw people’s attention to the ceiling. While most common in historic cottages, you can add wooden beams to the ceiling of any home for a cosy and rustic touch. You don’t have to strip away the ceiling and reveal the actual beams above – faux beams are a much safer and practical option, which you can check out here at This Old House

Add elegance with moulding

Ceiling moulding is much rarer nowadays. It’s typically associated with expensive period homes and can be effective at adding a sense of elegance to a room – dining rooms and living rooms are popular spaces to find this moulding. There are so many different moulding patterns to play with, so it’s worth taking your time doing your research before you commit to a pattern.

Add height with fabric

Adding drapes to a ceiling could be a cool way of adding height to a low ceilinged room – the billowy fabric can give the impression that there’s more ceiling above. This can sometimes give a room a bohemian or tent-like feel, so it may not be for everyone. It’s most popular in bedrooms. 

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