Tips for Planning a Great Trip to Ireland

Is Ireland the next place on your travel bucket list? If you are thinking about or have already started planning your trip to Ireland, you are probably reading a lot of travel blogs and looking for as much information as you can to try and find ideas to make your trip to Ireland amazing. We have some tips and ideas for planning your trip to Ireland so that you can have a great trip and so that the planning process is not too stressful for you.

Book a Tour

If you are travelling alone or with someone else you can of course plan where you want to go and explore these places on your own, but a great option that you should consider is to book a tour or maybe multiple tours. Mixing your trip up with exploring some places on your own and having a tour is an excellent option so you can have different experiences and meet other people. If you are looking for suggestions of great tours to do, if you plan on visiting Dublin during your time in Ireland, then you can check out a tour such as  the tour of Cliffs of Moher.


Ireland and Northern Ireland?

Are you planning on going to both Ireland and Northern Ireland or just one? Yes, they are two different countries. The main thing that you have to know if you are going to be visiting both places is that they use different currencies. Northern Ireland is part of the UK and so uses the Pound while Ireland is not part of the UK and thus uses Euros.


Be Prepared for the Weather

When you are packing for your trip to Ireland, the weather should be a huge consideration. Ireland is known to have weather that can change quite quickly. So, make sure you bring a variety of clothes that are appropriate for the time of year you are going and make sure that you have options for layering your clothes as this can be key to being prepared for what the weather will throw at you.


Unique Experience

Perhaps you are planning on visiting all of the popular places that you have heard about in Ireland, but if you want a unique experience, then you should consider talking to some local people and seeing if they have suggestions for interesting places to visit. Perhaps you think hitting the popular locations is enough, but who knows what you could be missing out on if you don’t explore the more unknown places?


Hopefully, you find these tips helpful for planning your trip to Ireland. If you want to be an expert before leaving for your trip to Ireland, then consider looking for other information so you can have all the insider knowledge before you leave for your trip. Enjoy your trip to Ireland, remember to take lots of pictures, and if you are in search of your next trip to do in Europe, after going to Ireland, perhaps consider going to England and doing a trip to Liverpool.


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