Tips For Remodelling Your London Home

Remodelling your home is a fantastic alternative to packing up and moving altogether. If you feel you have outgrown the style or size of your London home but find that the housing market is not quite to your taste, the best way to strike a compromise is to remodel the home you live in. It has been reported that London house prices are seeing a 2.5% increase this year; while this could mean a higher price when selling your home, it would also see an increase in how much you would spend for your new home. Considering the London housing market is one of the most expensive in the world, you wouldn’t be blamed for avoiding buying a new property in London and remaining in the one you know and love. 


If you decide on a remodelling job for your London home, there are many things to consider. Depending on the style you choose and the level of infrastructural renovation required, there are many preparation steps to take before you go ahead with the job. In this blog you will find tips for remodelling your London home, ensuring that the renovation is as smooth as possible. 

Finding The Right Contractor

When it comes to remodelling, your choice of contractor determines absolutely everything about the future of your home, as well as the process of renovation. The role of a contractor is to be the centre of contact for all construction workers, suppliers and, of course, you. In addition, your contractor will be the first port of call to troubleshoot any issues that you encounter during renovation. Needless to say, finding the right contractor is essential. So how can it be achieved?


Here are just a few essential qualities of a good contractor. 


    1. A good reputation. In many industries, reputation is essential to maintaining a diverse clientele, and for contractors it is no different. When searching for a contractor, it is vital to know their reputation in the industry – and the best place to find out is through their previous clients. Speak with friends or family members who have undergone renovations which turned out successful; alternatively, use the internet to find client reviews of certain contractors and companies. Those who have great reputations are bound not to disappoint you if you hire them for your project.


  • Lots of experience. Everybody starts somewhere, but when it comes to remodelling your home, it is best to choose a contractor with lots of experience. Although years in the business don’t mean your renovation will be perfect – there are definitely other factors to include – an experienced contractor is more likely to have better contacts, have encountered common problems before, and have an efficient way of working. 
  • Fast communication. If your potential contractor takes days or weeks to get back to you with a quote or to answer simple questions, then it might be a sign to steer clear. Contractors are very busy and can’t be expected to be at your beckon call 24/7, but at the same time, they should have efficient communication which never leaves you wondering or chasing them up. If a contractor makes you work hard just to have a conversation with them, then they aren’t likely to change this mode of communication when renovation starts. A fast communicator will give you peace of mind and help you get down to business more quickly. 



Timeless Style

Once you know who is completing your renovation, the next thing to figure out is the style you will opt for. Updating your home not only makes it a nicer place to live, but increases its value for when the time comes to sell up. Choosing a style which reflects your personality and taste while also making your home appealing to potential buyers is a hard balance to strike. You don’t want your home to be plain and boring, but taking big stylistic risks might bite you later on. So how can you strike the perfect ambiance in your remodelled home?



  • When it comes to London homes, style is important. 


Buyers in London will be paying a high price to live in the capital, and with a high price comes high expectations. Even if you are not a particularly visual or artistic person yourself, having a stylish home is crucial if you are thinking of making a sale sometime in the future. Your practical side might be telling you to choose the safest, most sensible colour schemes and layouts, but this could damage your home’s value. It’s best to work with a designer to come up with simple styles which make your home classy and beautiful. 



  • Simple can be elegant. 


Having a timeless style doesn’t mean making your home dull and lacking in personality. You can have a beautiful home which wows your guests that is totally simple. Here are a few simple touches which give your home a special ambiance, but that don’t overpower your guests. 

    • Aluminium windows. For modern windows which don’t let in cold London winter drafts are still elegant, try having aluminium windows installed. The sleek grey is perfect for a simple style, and these windows are highly safe too. 


  • A touch of colour. Perhaps bubblegum pink walls aren’t the best idea, but that does not mean that you can’t have a few fun things in your home. Try opting for a touch of colour – perhaps a bright rug, throw or coffee table – which livens up the room without being too audacious. 
  • Less is more when it comes to furniture. The contemporary style for chic homes seems to be leaning towards a Japanese-style minimal effect. Try decluttering your home and getting rid of unnecessary furniture pieces and paraphernalia, and instead choose smooth lines, few pieces and more space. 



In conclusion, your remodelling your London home should take the place to the next level. With effortless style and a contractor you can trust, you will have a greatly successful experience of remodelling your precious home.


*this is a collaborative post*


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