Tips for getting free stuff online

I’m skint most of the time and I do love spending money on anything and everything, especially pretty things for my home.

Since having the small one I love to search for bargains and especially free stuff.

The internet is full of giveaway websites where you can earn coupons, free samples, or even complete services or receive products without spending a penny.

Yes, some of it has a catch but most don’t and I wanted to share a few of my favourite sites for freebies online.

You can spend hours trawling online for freebies and signing up individually can be time consuming and hard work.  The best places I have found are ones where they seek out the freebies for you and bring them to you via their own websites where you are able to find them in one place.

Less time, more free stuff.  Winner.

Once you find something that takes your fancy you will be redirected to the website where the freebie originates from, such as the company’s website.

Once you are there, you may be required to provide some basic information such as your name and address for you to get the freebie.

You will find most websites asking for your email address so that you can continue receiving new offers.

Why do businesses give away freebies?

Businesses use freebies to gain exposure for their services and products.

This is how they rouse the interest of potential clients with the hope of converting them into long-term customers.

Image credit WOW FreeStuff

No approach is better for them to get their attention than offering a free service or product.

Businesses love reaching out to bloggers with free offers they can promote on their websites particularly if they have a massive following on social media or their blogs.

In turn, the freebie websites have large audiences of people seeking freebies.

Advertisements are their main revenue generators and they sometimes even get sponsored blog post deals from businesses that would like them to advertise the freebies they offer.

It is a win-win situation for all involved and in particular you that receives the freebies!

Below are a few of the websites I use regularly to find freebies:


BzzAgent operates slightly different from the other freebie websites, but it is great and requires a place on this list.

If you sign up for the website, you will receive free stuff that you can test out and review.

It does not cost anything to join and it involves sharing the product on social media or writing short reviews on brand websites in exchange for free stuff.


There are loads of groups on Facebook for freebies and you can pick up anything and everything.

Search for your local town name along with ‘free’ and you should find some groups.


You might be surprised at some of the amazing free stuff available on Gumtree.

Search for free stuff in your location by typing in ‘free’ into the search box.

I’ve just searched my postcode and it’s come up with TV’s, toys, home wares and all sorts, you could even find something amazing that you can spruce up, which I’ve done with a wooden table and chair for my little boy.

WOW FreeStuff

WOW FreeStuff updates on a daily basis with samples in multiple categories.

They add up to 10 new freebies a day and are usually the first to add all the latest free stuff, which makes them the top of the bunch.


Reddit is enjoying a lot of popularity on the web as a way for surfers to connect with one another, share their opinions, provide the most current news, etc.

It is also a great way for those that love freebies to come together to share their latest discoveries with other members of the subreddit.

The Freebies subreddits have a lot of activity since people post the deals they have discovered several times in a day.

This is how many owners of freebie websites actually find the deals and freebies listed on their websites!

Tips & Tricks

Unfortunately, not all freebie websites are to be trusted.

It is not even the fault of the freebie websites sometimes but rather the website where you are sent to for the freebie.

You should consider installing an antivirus program on your computer and be wary of any sites that look dodgy or untrustworthy.

Keep the antivirus program active and updated so that it catches anything that may come your way as you are browsing.

When you keep bouncing from one website to the next, you can easily find yourself straying far away from where you originally started and find yourself in a security mess.

If you find yourself chasing a freebie all over the internet, it could simply be a scam to get your email address or even using spyware to get information from your computer.

Be careful to never download anything in exchange for a freebie.

No legitimate freebie will ever require you to download anything before redeeming it.

You should never provide payment information for a freebie; legit sites will never ask for them.  Plus that would make it not-so-free.

Finally, you should be warned that you have to provide your email address before getting freebies since the company would like to remain in contact with you.

Some of the companies use email addresses responsibly by only sending you important news and information you would be interested in.

Other companies might spam you each day with irrelevant messages.

The more the places where you share your email address the higher the chances of getting spam emails.

Creating a new email address is highly recommended before you start searching for freebies.

Let me know if you find any other places for freebies or deals online; I would love to hear them!

**This is a collaborative post**

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