To relocate or not to relocate?

**This is a collaborative post**

Thirty-three years ago I was born in Maidstone, the county town of Kent(the garden of England and all that jazz) and I’ve never lived anywhere else.  I lived with my parents until the ripe old age of 26 when I moved in with my boyfriend(now husband) and we stayed in the outskirts of Maidstone, at first in a flat which was freezing and had the biggest spiders known to man, until nearly six years ago we moved into our little rented terraced house next to the river, in the same village a stones throw from my parents.

I love Maidstone – and I love Kent; it’s perfectly placed between London and the coast and we are spoilt for choice with greenery and history.  Unfortunately the price of living here reflects that – being an hour from London means house prices and rental are high in this area.

Of course the price of living increases – but wages don’t rise to reflect this and we find ourselves struggling to pay our rent and bills.  We’ve looked at moving to a totally new area, somewhere with lower house prices and it feels like a huge decision to make – and one that we can’t agree on.

A fresh start

Of course initially the idea of a fresh start sounds amazing – a clean break, a new area, a new house to find, decorate and furnish.  But then nerves set in – we’d know no one, we wouldn’t know the area and what if we regretted it?  We’d never be able to afford to move back.  And I don’t think you truly get the feel for an area until you know it, so we could end up in a bad area.

First there’s finding somewhere to go – Wales and Yorkshire appeal plus my husbands’ company has offices in those areas which would make moving a lot easier.

I’d have to find a new job – but first we’d need to find a preschool for the boy, plus a school as he starts next September.  Do we go now or hold off until he starts?

And then there is moving – we’d have to raise enough money to hire a van or go with a removals company, we’d have to get moving quotes from various removal companies because we simply have too much stuff to move ourselves.

New friends

We’d have to make new friends – would we be able to find and make friends, what if we ended up lonely?  Plus I’d massively miss our Kentish friends.  Of course the fresh start would be nice but could we leave our friends?


Of course our biggest dilemma is family – we’d be leaving not only our parents behind but our son’s grandparents, aunties, uncles, cousins – I know that many families are often located hours away from each other but what if we never saw them?  What, if, what it – it’s the huge lingering question over most things concerning a big move.


And we have to consider the animals – our miserable mainly outdoor cat might not take too kindly to the upheaval.  The dog would be okay – but the cat is a worry.

Do we, don’t we?



**This is a collaborative post**



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