Top 5 UK Hotpots For Nature Lovers

After the lull of the past several months, it’s clear that the world is slowly (but cautiously) opening up again. And if you’re a travel lover, this is more than enough reason to be excited. This year, one of the top travel destinations for many nature lovers is still the UK, with amazing sights and experiences that you’ll hardly find anywhere else. But with so many options, it can be challenging to pick out the best places to go. So, if you’re considering visiting the UK this year, here are some of the most serene nature hotspots places to visit.

  • Cotswolds


The glorious streets of Cotswolds punctuated by beautifully lively galleries and honey-themed buildings will quickly teleport any visitor back into a different century. The location offers intrinsic appeals all year round, from vibrant festivals to animated galleries and museums. 

In summer, you can treat yourself to beautifully long and calm evenings. During spring, you can appreciate the graceful daffodils and lambs. And when autumn comes, you can relax in the serene quiet. 

  • Cheshire 

When you think of the UK famous Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, and the London Bridge, although these are always worth visiting sites for a first-timer, the UK offers way more especially for nature lovers. And an excellent place not to miss is Cheshire. From Gowy Meadows Nature Reserve to Tatton Park, Delamere Forest to Anderton Nature Park, the list is endless.


Cheshire is also home to some of the most glamorous stately homes and properties to explore. Chief among them are Capesthorne Hall, Adlington Hall as well as Arley Hall and Gardens. But of course, there are many beautiful UK stately homes beyond the borders of Cheshire. Places like Yorkshire, Northumberland, Derbyshire, and even the Greater London area, among others, are great spots to explore. 

  • Lundy Island

You’re probably tired of hearing the term “isolation,” but if there is one place you wouldn’t mind isolating yourself in, it is Lundy Island. Located off the coast of Devon, this is a truly remote destination and home to not less than 30 people. This tiny English Island had to raise funds to ensure its survival. In some way, this makes it a great travel destination as you can get away from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the world while helping the island. You should find Lundy Island’s remote homes an ideal place for solitude.

  • Northern Roots

Northern Roots welcomes you to another travel destination worth exploring, especially if you are a proponent of eco-friendly living (which you should be). About five minutes drive from the centre of the town, you will find the biggest eco-park and urban farm in the UK, offering a perfect location for walking, running, bird watching, horse riding, mountain climbing, etc. But that’s not all; the community is arranging for beekeeping, forestry, and animal husbandry projects, aiming to reduce carbon emissions and increase wildlife.  

  • Scotland’s West Coast


Still speaking about remote locations, Scotland’s West Coast is increasingly luring people and visitors away from crowded spots. Scotland, in general, is home to rich history with more than enough monuments to show for it. Today, the location is in more demand than ever – from private island escapes and yacht adventures to beautiful wildlife and must-see Isles. 

*this is a collaborative post*

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