Top Ten… Happy Songs

I’ve spoken about how I’m now living life medication free(apart from thyroid medication) and so I’m trying to find simple ways to stay happy and keep my depression at bay.

Music has been a huge part of my life for, well; my whole life and the hubs always says I can remember so much just by hearing the opening bars of a certain song.

So today I wanted to talk about my happy songs – songs that make me smile when I’m sad, keep me motivated when I’m feeling shit and songs that make life a little better.

1. Dario G – Sunchyme.

From the moment it came out I loved this song and it holds one of my happiest memories. I was maybe 19 and pissed up at my local nightclub(RIP IKon) and I was out with my bestie Ginge(clue: she’s not blonde).  We used to go out five nights a week and had the most amazing time; rocking our pointy Primark boots, clutching onto our VK Cherry and two-stepping on the rotten sticky dancefloor(spew).  This particular night we ended up chatting to the nicest guys ever who had no plans to jump into our diamanté thongs and we danced all night with them; this song came on and I can remember just feeling so happy.

2. Yazoo – Only You.

(*vom alert*) I met the hubs on a blind date set up by my mate(his sister) and we had our first kiss to this song(he said he was shy… my arse). Some four years later in 2015 we tied the knot and had our first dance to this song. Ahhh. Nice soppy memories.

3. Years & Years – King

This has been out a few years but I still love it; did they ever realise anything else?

4. Feeder – Just a Day

So. Many. Songs.  I love Feeder and it was HARD to pick just one song.  Just a Day makes me dance around like a granny on narcotics.  Total crazy happiness.

5. Psy – Gangnam Style

Another song I don’t know the words to but somehow think I’m fluent in Korean after a belly full of Prosecco and I HAVE to dance to it.  Who can’t have a smile on their face when this comes on?

6. Bobby Darin – Dream Lover

Right so this is an oldie but I have a varied taste in music and I LOVE anything from the 50s.  This and Del Shannon’s ‘Runaway’ are total happy songs for me.

7.  Lady Gaga – Telephone

I love Gaga.  The meat dress was a bad move and her outfit choices are questionable BUT she has an incredible voice and I love her.

8.  Sia – Chandelier

I watched her on Carpool Karaoke and proper developed a girl crush.  Incredible voice and interesting lady.

9. Anything Disney

I couldn’t choose – there are so many but Under the Sea and You’re Welcome are epic.  Anything from The Lion King, The Jungle Book… so I guess I love them all.  Apart from Fantasia, what a crock of shit.

10. Status Quo – Caroline

Ah, the Three Chord Quo.  My dad loves them and I’ve seen them at least thirty times over the years.  It is still the only gig I’ve been to where my ears rang for a week after.  They always open with ‘Caroline’ and it makes me want to wee a bit with excitement every time.

What are your happy songs? Hit me up by commenting or come find me on social media…

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