Top Tips For Making Over Your Bathroom

Bathrooms are one area of your property that can end up becoming a little dated, so it’s important to know what you can do in order to make it more timeless. Here are some top tips for making over your bathroom.


Keep Your Colour Scheme Neutral

When it comes to decorating, it’s useful to keep your colour scheme neutral when it comes to your walls and flooring. By keeping it neutral, you have more scope when it comes to adding and removing colour. With your soft furnishings, you can mix up your colours and doing this every six to twelve months will make it feel like a new bathroom without spending thousands on remodelling it.

Upgrade Your Toilet

The toilet is obviously going to get the most use in a bathroom, so you want a toilet that’s going to stand the test of time and still look fashionable twenty years from now. For example, a close coupled toilet might be an ideal suggestion. What is a close coupled toilet? Well, it’s the most popular one in the UK today, where the cistern is located directly behind the toilet bowl. They are easy to install and are hardwearing which is perfect for bigger households.

Install A Rainfall Shower

Rainfall showers have become increasingly popular due to the satisfaction it provides. It’s one of the most popular shower heads to have because of its ability to completely cover you with water, rather than a small nozzle head that sprinkles you with water. They are used in most hotels now which is possibly the reason for households wanting that same luxury in their own home. They can be a little harder to install, but it does mean you have the option of it as a shower head or it can even come from the ceiling.

Keep Your Lighting Warm

Bathroom lights can be harsh and sterile-looking, and that’s something you don’t want when stumbling in out of bed to get ready in the morning. By keeping your lights low and warm, it makes the whole atmosphere of a bathroom more inviting. So when picking your lighting, try installing lights behind your bathroom mirror and having spotlights which you can adjust in brightness. Invest in warm LED lights too as these will last longer.

Plenty Of Storage

Storage is something you should have plenty of in a bathroom so that you’ve not got clutter lying about everywhere. Attachable shelving for the shower area and cupboards that go underneath your sink are two examples of stylish storage that can keep everything neat and in order.  An over-the-bath shelf has also become popular as it’s great for storing necessities but also for a more relaxing and enjoyable bath. Most have a slot for a drink and support in the middle to house a book or iPad to watch your favourite show on.

Your bathroom should be a serene place to enjoy and relax in, so use some of these tips when you come to have your next bathroom upgrade.


**This is a collaborative post**

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