Travel plans & my ultimate bucket list

Well, well – it’s May 2021 and here in the UK coronavirus restrictions are starting to lift, and overseas travel is beginning to be allowed to certain places – hooray!

It’s been a few years since I’ve been abroad – fertility treatment, pregnancy, and raising a child for the last seven years has kind of shelved my travel plans, but seeing happy holiday makers on the news has made me think about my own travel plans and my bucket list.

I am, however, a rather anxious traveller – so booking a once-in-a-lifetime trip fills me with fear and dread – I’d recommend companies such as Travelbag for planning your trips and booking your accommodation.  It takes the worry out of booking, especially when you can talk to an experienced consultant who knows the area and will help you get the most out of your trip.

So, if I could go anywhere, where would I go?


Ever since I was little I’ve dreamt of visiting Petra, a historical and ancient city in Southern Jordan.  The mysterious buildings and vastness of the site have always intrigued me, and I’m hoping one day my dream will come true.


Darjeeling, the golden temple of Amritsar – there are so many places in India that I would love to visit; I’ve always wanted to immerse myself in the cultures and to spend months travelling the country.  One day!


Imagine a country that is so big it makes our little British isle seem like a little dot in a very big world – 24 hours away by plane is a country so big I can’t even compare it to anything! There’s no place in particular I’d want to visit, but again, I’d love the opportunity to travel and see as much of this beautiful land as possible.

The Great Wall of China

Many years ago I spotted an advert on the back of a magazine which spoke of charity walks along the Great Wall – China is a mystical vast land full of history and culture very different to what I know; and I’ve always wanted to be fit enough to walk a decent portion of the wall.  I mean it’s 13,000 miles long – crazy!

Pripyat & the former USSR

I was born in the eighties and every night the news documented the decline and fall of the Soviet Union that spanned a huge chunk of Europe and Asia from 1922 to the early nineties.  We’ve all heard of the Chernobyl disaster – but tourism is increasing in the area and you can now visit the exclusion zone and ghost town of Pripyat in the Ukraine.  I also find the brutalist Soviet architecture fascinating – each town had a ‘Museum of Culture’, mosaics detailing communist propaganda and all sorts of things.  A strange bucket list item I know – but fascinating nonetheless.


For some a bucket list contains idyllic beaches; for others bungee jumps into vast gorges and adrenaline-fuelled adventures – but your bucket list is your own, and I’d love to hear what would make it onto your own list – please comment below or feel free to share on social media using the hashtag #TheUltimateBucketList.



*This is a collaborative post*

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