Travelling with a Chronic Illness: how to make it easier

Chronic illnesses have the potential to leave you floored. They can sap all energy and often prove a test to your daily lifestyle.  As such, they’re unsurprisingly a major hurdle for anyone looking to jet off on their holidays. Today, let’s tackle four ways to make a holiday with a disease of this nature much easier.

Getting your medication right

You’ll know the dosage of medication you need to take every day, but it’s important to also have a strong grasp over how to best transport your drugs. While they may be for medicinal purposes, airport security will have strict criteria when it comes to what is and isn’t allowed through customs.

The best advice offered here is to keep your medication in its original packaging. If you are going to remove it, be sure to put it in a clear container of a similar size. You may also want to carry a doctor’s note with you to ensure you have proof of why you’re carrying your prescription.

Wearing a dog tag

Dog tags are a fantastic way of quickly alerting members of the public to your situation if the worst should happen. While it’s not a pleasant thought, having someone know what to report to an emergency service can literally be life-saving.

It makes most sense for you to have a tag created which is written in the native language of the country you’re heading to. While a lot of people do speak English overseas, it isn’t a given. It might seem like a large expense for one trip, but it will definitely be worth it for the peace of mind.

Find a city which accommodates

There’s nothing worse than the elements around you serving to make your condition more of a struggle. While you can never control the weather, you do have a say over where you’re headed on your travels.

Try to pick a location which has been designed with disabled travellers in mind. Insurancewith provide a detailed list in this regard, highlighting the likes of Vancouver, Seattle, Helsinki and Berlin as some of the most accessible.


You won’t be able to exert too much energy if you suffer from a pre-existing chronic illness. As such, it makes sense to draft up a rough priority list to work from. Inspirock provide a tool for planning your trip, making it easy to prioritise what you want to do during your travels.

You don’t have to religiously stick to your plans, but it does help to have a rough idea of what you want to see or experience. Having a set agenda will make things considerably easier when you’re away, as it’ll highlight the core activities you want to get involved with.

Hopefully this list provides you with a detailed explanation of how to make things easier when travelling with a chronic illness. Make sure to heed our advice before you next head out.


**This is a collaborative post.  For more information please check out my disclosure here.**

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