Treat Your Home to a Summer Makeover

Updating your home every season gives you the perfect opportunity to revamp your living space and make the most of the changing weather. In summer, in particular, you can enjoy the warmer temperatures and lighter evenings when you transform your home. To get started now, take a look at these top tips and give your home a summer makeover today:

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Add colour to your garden

If your outdoor space isn’t already blooming with buds and flowers, then you’ve probably missed your chance to plant new bulbs and bedding plants. However, this doesn’t mean you’re destined to look at a drab garden all summer long. Add colour to outdoor space by painting fences, using vibrant lighting and incorporating garden furniture into your design.

Hang mirrors

When the sun is shining brightly and the days are longer and longer, you’ll want to fill your home with natural light. One of the quickest and easiest ways to do this is by increasing the number of mirrors in your home. Place them strategically, so that the light flowing in through the windows and doors is reflected in the glass. By doing so, you’ll increase the amount of natural light that fills your home and boost your mood too. 

Create an indoor-outdoor living space

If you want to make the absolute most of the summer months, creating flow through your property and into your garden is essential. Bifold doors are the easiest way to do this, as they allow you to open up the exterior of your property and bring your garden closer than ever before. Even when your doors are closed, the extra light that illuminates your kitchen, dining room or living area will enhance the ambience and allow you to maximise your enjoyment of your property. 

Buy new textiles

When you want to make quick but effective changes to your home décor, adding new textures should be at the very top of your list. Replace heavy winter throws with suitable summer alternatives and you’ll be amazed at the impact it has. Natural fibres are ideal in summer, as they help to keep you cool when the temperature increases. Linens and cottons feel fantastic and add texture to any décor. Drape them across sofas and chairs or make them easily accessibly for when you want to snuggle up on chillier evenings. 

Use summer shades

Summer is the perfect time to experiment with colour, so be as brave as you like when it comes to adorning your home with different hues. From soft, pastel shades to bright, bold prints; you can reflect your style and personality when you let colour do the talking. If you don’t want to renovate or redecorate, simply switch out your accessories, artwork and fabrics for on-trend colours. 

Enjoy Your Summer Style

Regularly updating your décor allows you to enjoy your home all over again. With so much to appreciate throughout the summer, transforming your home into a peaceful haven is the perfect way to make the most of the season.

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