Turning Kitchen Nightmares Into Dreams

When you’re the main chef and the demand for food seems like a constant whine in your ears, locking yourself away in a dark room might seem like the dream solution but instead why not arm yourself with kitchen gadgets that at least make dinner easier?

In this blog, we bring the latest kitchen must haves, from utensils to pans that will, at the very least, make cooking as easy as possible and might even make it fun.

Pots, pans and so on

Wonky handles in danger of falling off, non-stick saucepans that are anything but non-stick and frying pans that damage your hob every time you fry an egg; not the accessories of a successful kitchen. It’s time to invest in something anodised, good quality and that doesn’t take hours to scrub clean. You haven’t got time to scrape burnt bits of pasta from the bottom of a pan, so buy some that are easy to clean and come with a long guarantee. Shop around and take a look at stone frying pans to start you off.


Admittedly, you might not need that avocado or banana stay-fresh Tupperware but there are plenty of gadgets out there that will form the basics in your kitchen while making life easier. For tired hands, or for those with mobility problems in their wrists, an electric tin opener is ideal. Plug it in, watch the can whizz round and you’re done.

How about collapsible measuring cups that fit snugly inside one another and don’t take up hardly any space. Or a pasta pot that comes with a built-in strainer in the lid, saving you the hassle and danger of hot water splash-backs when you drain pasta freely into a strainer.

You’re a hard-working parent and you deserve a little luxury so for just a very low sum, why not invest in a frothy milk maker? Get your latte on in style in the mornings and treat yourself to a coffee that your average barista would be proud of.

Slow cooker

This could be the answer to dealing with children around your feet while cooking and being called upon to answer the millionth question about homework while you’re trying to peel potatoes.

Prep your meal the night before, when it’s quiet and you have space and time. Then simply turn it on the next morning. The cooker will cook food throughout the day for up to around 11 hours or as short as three or four and have your dinner ready when you are. To make life really easy, buy some slow cooker liners that are placed in the dish before the food is added and can be thrown away at the end, saving you or your designated cleaner-upper some serious scrubbing time.

Let your inner chef out with gadgets that inspire and transform meal time with a slow cooker that gives you more control over when your food is ready and allows you to cook enough for the whole family. Cooking might not be fun, but it can certainly be made easier.

**This is a collaborative post**

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