TV troubles: falling back in love with the gogglebox

My husband is a complete television nerd, fact.  When we met eight years ago he bought a 48″ TV, and has tried to convince me roughly once a week ever since that we need a new, modern, up to date and usually bigger TV.

And so we usually end up wandering around various retailers looking at the latest HDR TV Panasonic cinema-size TV’s or whatever the latest technology is.  And we usually end up falling out over the sheer expense, huff.

I’m not a TV nerd

We live in a small house – our TV is admittedly on it’s last legs but TV shopping just doesn’t interest me in the slightest – most evenings he usually watches some film that doesn’t interest me in the slightest and so I mooch off to bed.

But recently I’m not sleeping well and I’m getting bored… I’ve fallen out of love with the gogglebox and I don’t know why.

Living room goals

When we cleared out my Nan’s house last week I gained an extra TV which has been installed in the bedroom and I decided to get with the times and buy a Chromecast thingy to be able to stream certain things from my phone.

Moving with the times

My favourites

I’m really picky as far as TV programmes go – I love my old favourites such as Soldier Soldier and Monarch of the Glen as well as reality shows like Love Island and I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here!

Robson & Jerome – remember them?

With Netflix, NOWTV and a vast array of TV player apps I’m spoilt for choice – there are so many shows you can watch for free, it takes longer to pick a show to watch than it does to actually watch it.

The Greatest Show(man)

Back in January I watched The Greatest Showman at the cinema and it started an obsession with the movie – I don’t think I’ve ever been so completely moved and taken with a film; the music, story and the warm fuzzy feeling you get – it’s just awesome.  So I do own multiple copies of the film and it’s nice to now be able to sit in bed and watch it.



YouTube and Wikipedia are two very dangerous places for me – all it takes is one video or article and I’m sucked in for days.  I’ve recently started a second website which focuses on history and abandoned buildings and places and YouTube is a gold mine for historical videos and ‘urban exploration’.  I’m a sucker for a click-bait title, me…

Old stuff is cool, fact


Of course there are loads of boxsets around at the moment – we loved Stranger Things and Dexter but I really struggle to binge-watch; I have the attention span of a small child at the moment… if anyone has any boxset suggestions – hit me up in the comments below.


My most favourite thing in the world to watch is a good old-fashioned musical – Calamity Jane is my absolute all time favourite and I love old films; The Sound Of Music, Mamma Mia! and anything Rodgers & Hammerstein/Sherman Brothers are always winners.

I’ve decided to try Made in Chelsea again from the very beginning tonight – I really want to find something to watch that I can lose myself in – any suggestions?

**This is a collaborative post**



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