Unexpected Guest? Here’s A Little Humble Hospitality

More and more families are looking to revamp their home to make sure they can accommodate a guest or two in their own home. Extensions don’t just have to be for kitchens but rather for a new bedroom. Garden guest houses are becoming extremely popular as they are standalone structures thus, they don’t interfere with the home but add value to your property more than an extension. Yeah but what if you don’t have any of those things, what can you do to show some humble hospitality to a guest? The important rule of thumb is, make do with what you have but do the basics right. Even if you have a full family and not much room for another person you will be surprised at how your home can manage.

A window of opportunity

The first concern guests will have if they are sharing the home with you is when can they be afforded a little privacy to have a shower and freshen up. Rather than letting them guess or have to ask you, break the ice and give them a time slot that is just for them. It could be after your family has already had their showers and brushed their teeth so the bathroom is empty. On the other hand the hot water might be totally gone by then so give them a timeslot before. Either way, let them know that during a certain period of time, everyone has been informed to keep the bathroom clear for the guest.

Moving around to sleep

If you don’t have a guestroom or guest house, that’s not big deal. If you’re having someone who is informal with the family then they will understand that they may need to bed downstairs for the night or weekend. In the modern age, you have the option of some high quality sofa beds that offer great comfort and support. The old dingy films where the springs would be squeaking and the cushions quite firm is a thing of the past. Two seat and three seat sofas that look like normal corner sofas can be folded out and become a large single bed for the night. Just move some things out of the way and make a little room and that’s it. Give your guest and extra duvet and pillow and place over the cushions a bedsheet and it will be rather comfy.

Give them a morning call

If someone is sleeping the night, no doubt they will be feeling tired and not familiar with their surroundings. To make them feel more at home, you should give them a morning call of a hot breakfast. Ask them the night before what kind of breakfast they would like and what time they will be waking up. Around 10 minutes or so after their alarm has sounded or when they have woken up, serve them the breakfast in bed, accompanied by a check up on how their sleep was.

These small things go a long way when you have a guest over. Give them time and space to shower and freshen up. Bring them a home cooked breakfast to make them feel welcome.


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