Villa vs. Yacht Holidays: Which Is The Safest Vacation?

With COVID-19 rates decreasing in some of the world’s favourite holiday spots, many of us are now tentatively trying to plan vacations in 2020. However, for the most part we are still very wary of the risk that travelling brings, with commercial airlines and hotels conjuring the concern of lots of people in one place. So, we have turned to less mainstream alternatives in an attempt to stay as safe as possible. Both luxury villa holidays and yacht holidays can offer the secure, private bubble that most of us seek, but which is safer? We investigate below.

Villa vs. Yacht Holidays: What’s Safest in 2020?



With both a yacht and a luxury villa holiday, the first thing you have to work out is how you will get there! If your villa or yacht berth is driveable from your home, you may prefer to go by car, knowing that you won’t need to interact with anyone outside your household or chosen group. If it is further afield, another option may be to fly by private jet or helicopter, where flight crew are regularly tested and there is minimal contact with other outsiders.

When embarking on a yacht holiday, the beauty is that once you are aboard, you needn’t come ashore for your entire charter, if you don’t want to. You can travel to many of your favourite destinations without stepping off the vessel. Meanwhile with a villa, you will have to keep going out to explore (and you likely won’t be able to go as far). This isn’t a massive deal, as you can still travel by private car, but is something to consider.



On a yacht there are so many activities to enjoy without stepping on land. Most luxury yachts come equipped with incredible onboard features such as spas, gyms, Jacuzzis, cinema rooms and slides. They also will often come with a tender garage filled with water toys to try, from Jet Skis to snorkeling gear, meaning you can spend days splashing around in the water.

On a luxury villa holiday, there will also be fun activities to do within the property – many have tennis courts, swimming pools, luscious gardens, gyms and state-of-the-art entertainment systems. However, you would likely have to rent water toys from an external company, and are unlikely to have direct access to the sea – although some villas may have private beaches!



On a yacht holiday, the crew are always onboard, meaning that you can request extra cleaning at any given time. Meanwhile, with a private villa, staff are unlikely to live in. However, both will be following stringent cleaning and disinfection procedures, and will be doing everything they can to ensure you feel safe and comfortable. Both are likely to have  extended turnaround times between guests to allow for deep cleaning.


Since the outbreak, yachts have been implementing new health and safety protocols, which include regularly testing for crew, and isolating rotating crew ashore before they rejoin the boat. Villas are also regularly testing staff to ensure they don’t bring any COVID into the property while working.

Overall, it looks like yacht holidays win as the safest vacation option due to the lack of need to go ashore, the increased on-site activities and cleaning staff on-hand 24/7, although both are low risk ways to get away from your day-to-day life and indulge in some relaxation. We’re off to browse yacht charter holidays – enjoy!

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