Want A Contemporary Update To Your Interior? Here’s How To Start!

The contemporary style of interior decorating encompasses a lot of different sub styles and mini themes. You’ve got your mid-century modern home, with bold and bright colours straight out of the 1950s. You’ve got your Scandinavian contemporary, which focuses on the light and the minimal side of living. The list goes on and on! 

And when you’ve got some rooms to redecorate, to bring into the 21st century and make all nice and cozy again, you can pick from any one of these various themes – you’re spoiled for choice, and you might not know where to start… 

Whether you’ve got an older, smaller home, or you’ve been in the same place for 20 years now and you want to change things, turning to the contemporary style of decorating is definitely a good way forward! There’s plenty of ways to upgrade your space when you’ve got an interior theme like this on your hands, so let’s go through a couple of great ways to get started. 

Think About the Decor Around You

If you’re looking to update your home into a more contemporary style, but you have no clue where to start, or even plan out your floor plan, you’ve got to look around you. And not just around the empty walls and bare floors of your own home – you’ve got to get out and about, and search for inspiration in your local town. 

After all, plenty of businesses have unique and contemporary styles to their interiors that feel comfortable as soon as you walk in, and when you’re in a restaurant, it’s always a little darker and a lot more cozy than you’ve ever felt whilst back in your own living room! In your searches, you’ve probably found that industrial furniture is popular in shop interiors, so why not take a leaf out of their book? It’s an easy style to pull off, and it can be very cheap to DIY some of the furniture pieces yourself. 

Emphasise Your Artistic Side

The contemporary way of living focuses on art and style, and when you’re redecorating to fit a similar theme, you’ll have to invest in quite a bit of art yourself. Painting the walls in a cool, earthy tone, that looks and feels plain to look at, is only the first step in redesigning your interior. The whole point of giving yourself such a bare and empty foundation, that’s still pleasing to look at, is to eventually cover the space in various prints and art pieces that just scream something modern and fashionable at you! 

Pop art has always been a common art style to turn to when you’re trying to go contemporary, but if you’re not into that more mid century look, you can always try basic prints made with stamps and bold colours. You can even just hang up some landscape paintings here and there, if you’re a nature lover, and give that giant potted plant in the corner a very fitting background to grow against. 

Liberally Use Accents and Pops of Colour

And finally, if you’re trying to turn your downstairs space into a contemporary zone, you’re going to have to highlight the space at every opportunity. You’ve already got a block, low colour on the walls and floors to work with, such as brown or white or light blue, and now’s the time to finish the effect off perfectly. And to do that, it’s time to get clued up on accents! 

Accents of colour are supposed to embrace the space around them, and turn the pictures you take into something straight out of the IKEA catalogue – and if you like those showroom styles, the contemporary interior style is a dream come true for you! But first, what colours work with what? If you’ve got light, earthy green walls, and now you need to make the space look a little more interesting, what’s the best accent to go with? 

Well, you could always focus on pops of white, such as lampshades and rugs, and then pair those with another accenting colour, such as red. Which means you’ve got the perfect excuse to go out and buy a brand new, comfy and plush, red armchair… 

Are You Ready to Update Your Interiors?

A contemporary style is often the most popular of interior design themes, simply because it encompasses so many schools of artistic thought. It’s also the interior style that’s most readily available to us, so it’s no wonder we turn to it in times of DIY! 


**This is a collaborative post**

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