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I do love a quote, and I’m sure I’ve said that before.  But it’s true.

Sometimes when my mind has been taken over by negative thoughts it takes a good quote to snap me out of it.

So I’ve scouted the interwebs this morning and picked out a selection of my favourite ones.

I’ve been told this SO MANY TIMES. And it’s so true, when everyone tells you to just shut up and get your shit together it makes you not want to talk.

Sometimes all we want is to be understood and especially with Big D, sometimes it would be nice for someone to just tell you to cut the bullshit and take off the mask and just be you, even if you are not ok.

This one is similar, some days we just want to be loved a little bit more. Don’t be afraid to ask your husband/wife/partner/friend/etc to love you a little more; ask for cuddles, kisses, a chat, or whatever makes you feel happy.

This extends to your bigger circle too, for whatever reason people are scared of people who are mentally ill and stay away.  Don’t stay away, be an ear, give a smile.  Be kind.

This quote is a lovely little subtle kick up the proverbial bottom.  It’s not telling you to say you are fixed; nor are you broken; just that you are in the process of finding yourself and getting better.

The late, great Robin the mancubs.  Not only was he an acting legend(Mrs Doubtfire is one of my favourite films ever) but he had a long and hard struggle with mental illness.  The lesson he talks of here is so true, and it’s taken me many years to realise that my small trusted circle of my nearest and dearest is all I need, I’d rather be stuck on a desert island with one true friend than a group of people who don’t care for you.  I’ve spoken before of Carrie Fisher also, and they are both inspirational people who I am keen to learn more about.

Bit of banter for the last one, as I know it’s not politically correct to label anyone with mental illness “mad” or “bonkers” but I love this quote.  You are mad, you are bonkers.  But all the best people are… I’ve been dealt this card tainted with depression and anxiety, it doesn’t define me but it is a part of me and I’m learning  he embrace it.

Do you have any favourite quotes?  I would love to hear them ❤


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