Weigh in Wednesday: Week 7

I’m late yet again but here is my update on my Fat Club AKA Slimming World journey.

It’s been a totally shit few weeks – I’ve had a cold, kidney infection and now oral surgery.

So here is me so far:

Week 1 – 5lbs

Week 2 – 0lbs

Week 3 – 3lbs

Week 4 – 0lbs

Week 5 – 1lb

Week 6 – 3lbs

This Week – Week 7 + 0.5lbs

Oops.  My first gain.  I wasn’t happy but at the same time, what even is half a pound?  I can gain and lose that in a day, so I’m not too bothered.

Back on it this week – I’ve planned and I really want to get my 1 stone award which is only 2.5lbs away!


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