Weigh in Wednesday – Week Four update

I’m very behind – apologies – life has been a little hectic and my brain frazzled so consider this weeks two and three as well as four…

Four weeks in and I’m loving Slimming World this time round – I’m enjoying creating and eating beautiful dishes and for me spending an hour or two a day in the kitchen cooking is doing me the world of good depression-wise.

So, here’s the story so far…

Week 1 -5lbs

I had a really good first week and a good loss to spur me on – a huge problem for me is feeling demotivated by my losses being smaller than others due to my underactive thyroid.  This is a work in progress.

Week 2 -0lbs

I weighed a week early and at 6pm as opposed to my normal 9.30am, so I wasn’t too fazed by a maintain on my second week.  I found a different group and hated it – it was not friendly at all.

Week 3 -3lbs

I was chuffed to pieces to have a good loss this week and I also received my 1/2 stone award plus I was my group’s Slimmer of the Week.  A good week!

Week 4 -1lbs

I was dreading this weigh-in as I’d had a couple of days where I’d gone over on my syns and I was worried, however packing my days full of fruit and vegetables(speed foods) had helped and I had a lovely 1lb loss this week.  After 4/5 weeks group has become something I look forward and I’ve started to really enjoy the support and banter.  If you don’t stay to group(IMAGE Therapy) then I would thoroughly recommend it, especially if you find a nice group.

So, after four weeks I am 9lbs lighter and feeling good – I’m 14lbs off my Club 10 award now which is acheived when you lose 10% of your starting body weight and I’m really geared up.

I really want to stick to this, I really want to get into the next stone bracket and continue making mini-goals.

If I have a bad week and I gain, so be it – I know my body and I know it likes to hold on to extra baggage sometimes.

Are you following Slimming World?  How are you doing?  Any tips or tricks?

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