Weigh-in Wednesday – 1

So as mentioned here I’m back at Fat Club(Slimming World) and today was my first weigh in.

I’ve ummed and arred about posting my weight here but I’ve decided against it – I am slightly ashamed but also I don’t think numbers are everything and all that.

So factoid-wise I need to lose around seven whole stones.  It sounds like a lot but I’m a little stuck in the NHS-BMI-shitstorm and I’m only 5ft2… but that’s a whole other story.

I’ve really enjoyed this last week – I’ve embraced the plan and tried to do it as cheaply and easily as possible.

I’ve not really been hungry – I’ve eaten well and if I’ve wanted a treat I’ve allowed syns for it.

And so I cried and hugged the lovely lady when I got on the scales this morning and they showed I’ve lost…

Drum roll…..


I’m so happy! I feel so positive knowing I can do this.

I will do this!

Lisa x

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