Weight loss update – from syns to points

I’ve not written a weight loss update in a while – I’ve been struggling big time, and I’ve not managed to lose any weight as such.

Back in August 2017 I joined Slimming World – I did really well, and lost a stone in the first month.  But I never really lost anymore, I got myself so stressed out about sticking to plan and dreading the scales – I decided in January to take a break.

Three weeks ago through desperation I went back, rejoined, and in my first week I lost 6lb – but I wasn’t happy, I wasn’t enjoying the plan and I have maintained the two weeks since.

Since August I’ve gone up and down more than a whore’s drawers:

August 2017 – 17st 4.5lb

October 2017 – 16st 4lb

November 2017 – 16st 6lb

December 2017 – 15st 13lb

January 2018 – 16st 3lb

February 2018 – 16st 3lb

March 2018 – 16st 5lb

April 2018 – 16st 8lb

Now – 16st 3lb

Two days ago I sat at home, watching Made in Chelsea(new obsession) and I cried into my fruit salad.  I want to lose weight so badly, yet after six years of yoyoing I just felt like I’d fallen out of love with Slimming World.

Struggling with syns

So out came my trusty notebook and I made a list – I love a list after all.

I wrote down what I wanted to achieve, why I want to lose weight.

And I wrote down what I think is helpful to me when I’m actively trying to lose weight.  Not dieting, dieting is a bad word – I want all-out changes for life.

Still a fatty-bom-bom

I know that I like attending a group weekly – it’s so motivating and really helps me stay on track, however I’ve started to dread the one-by-one you’ve gained/you’ve lost as is standard at SW.

I also need something that makes me think about everything I put in my mouth – but I’ve never got on with calorie counting.

So I did what I do when I’m stressed and stuck – I had a chat with my Nan.  She told me how she joined Weight Watchers 40-odd years back, lost around five stone and has used the principles she learnt to maintain her weight loss ever since.

Thinking back I can remember my nan always having WW yogurts in the fridge, and enjoying her standard one digestive biscuit with a cup of tea every morning.

But is Weight Watchers still a thing?  Turns out it is – and yesterday I found myself walking into a WW meeting for the first time.

I’ll write more on that first meeting later – but I’ve decided to ditch my beloved Slimming World and give Weight Watchers a good go.

And as well as my normal blog Instagram I’ve set up a new one, just for weight loss – @thespondyslimmer

So there you are – as always I’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences, have you lost with Weight Watchers?


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