Welcoming A New Pup To Your Home

Has the great pet debate already happened in your home? If team dog has ended up winning, then it’s time to get ready to welcome a new pup to your home. However, before you do that, you have to ensure that you and your family are ready for responsibility to come. Here are a few tips to help you do precisely that.


Be familiar with the breed

The breed of your dog is important for more than your own preference. Dogs do not all behave the same way, nor do they have the same drives and needs. There are plenty of dog breed guides that you can check out online that will tell you all that you have to know about your puppy friends. They can tell you how much exercise they are likely to need, whether they’re likely to experience separation anxiety, whether they’re good with children and other animals, and so on. Try to make sure you get a dog breed that fits your lifestyle and your home life.


Be patient with puppies

You might feel inclined to adopt an older dog, and that’s a very commendable thing to do. However, if you are welcoming a puppy into the home, then be prepared for the fact that they’re likely to cause some mess, damage, and frustration before they grow up. Have the resources you need for house training, such as pee pads at the ready. Aside from the occasional accident, the greatest concern you might have is the fact that they’re likely to chew on all furniture and skirting boards they can find, so leaving them alone in any room where you’re worried about that kind of damage is a bad idea. Furthermore, many owners are surprised that young pups can get incredibly energetic in the evenings, yipping and running around and trying to play all throughout. If you can’t handle that, then it’s fair to say that you might not be ready to handle a new puppy in general.


Make sure they have the right kind of environment

A good clean of the home is essential before the dog comes to the home, but you also need to think about rearranging how exactly you position stuff. After all, anything that is close to the ground is liable to get grabbed, pulled, and chewed by the dog. For that reason, ensure you keep anything that’s particularly valuable or potentially dangerous out of their reach. A full puppy-proofing operation for the home may be necessary. In the garden, you might want to trim things down, get rid of weeds ahead of time, and check for gaps in the fence or gate. If you have a larger, more open garden, then buying and installing a dog fence might be necessary.


Get in touch with the vet as soon as possible

If you want to make sure that a new dog has the healthiest start to life under your roof, then your vet is going to play a key role in that. Find a local vet surgery as soon as possible and take your dog to them as soon as you have the time. Working with them to start a routine of vaccinations is essential, and your vet can ensure that you are provided with the records you might be legally required to provide if, for instance, you want to breed your dog in the future. Furthermore, your vet is going to be an invaluable source of information and advice when it comes to diet, exercise, and so on.


Make sure you have the time for the dog

There should never be an excuse that gets between your dog and the kind of care that they deserve from you, regardless of your other responsibilities. If you don’t have the time to fit in play and walking, and to spend time with your dog, then you might not be the right owner for your dog. Besides their practical needs, like getting fed and going to the vets, dogs also have emotional and social needs that it is your responsibility to fulfil. If you can’t provide them, then you should let someone who can take care of the dog instead.


Being prepared for a dog, and all of their needs and demands, is crucial before you welcome them into your home. They can be challenging enough even when you’re ready, you don’t need any additional surprises on top of that.


**This is a collaborative post**


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