What Animals Could Make A Home In Your Garden?

There are a lot of animals in the world. In your back garden, on average, 2 or 3 different species of wildlife will make themselves known to you in your yard – a squirrel here, a fox there, even a frog under the flower pots if you’re lucky! But you’ll have plenty of visitors you can’t see as well; some spiders in the plants and worms in the soil, as well as birds in the trees and next door’s cat when it wanders off beyond your fence. 


All in all, plenty of animals make your garden their home. But some can be a bit more special (or notable) than others! So let’s go through a few of the main conditions that would typically encourage such creatures to come to you and settle in. 



Beautiful Butterflies?


Butterflies can be found all across the globe. You’ll see all kinds of them in your garden, mostly on your cabbage or lettuce patch if you grow those foods, and most of the time, they’ll be white in colour. However, it’s a good sign if you find butterflies out there!


It means you’re growing a healthy, functioning, and colourful garden. If you’re a beginner, who’s put all their time and effort into trying to build a garden for the first time, this is the validation you’re looking for. And despite what you’ve heard, butterflies are nowhere near as harmful to your plants as you might think. 


A Flock of Hens?


Of course, most of the time a hen won’t just wander into your garden. They won’t turn up out of nowhere, and you won’t be looking out your kitchen window one day to see a whole flock of them just pecking around the grass. However, you can bring them into your garden yourself, as long as you’ve got the space and the time to do so!


You need to be able to keep them warm and safe, of course, and you’ll need to follow the regulations of your local area. But once you’ve worked that out, building or  buying chicken coops are more accessible than ever! If you want to own a chicken or two of your own, and start using your own eggs in your recipes, now’s your chance to invest in the sustainability in your own garden. 


Maybe Even Rabbits!


They might be cute, and you might love the idea of them, but they can be super pesky. They are great diggers, and can burrow underneath fences and gate posts all day long – even if you think you’ve protected against rabbits, there’s a good chance you’ll spot one in the garden very soon! They can be an invasive species, so be sure to keep them at bay as often as possible. 


So, animals could make your garden a home at any time during the year. They are always nice to see! However, make sure you’ve set things up right to keep the right animals in and the wrong ones out!


**this is a collaborative post**


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